Will Reliance Jio Help in Achieving Digital India Vision of Narendra Modi?

Will-Reliance-Jio-Help-in-Achieving-Digital-India-Vision-of-Narendra-Modi?Finally, the wait is over. Reliance Jio’s Digital network is planned for commercial launch by December, 2015 and the big question is will Jio help in achieving Narendra Modi’s Digital India vision?

“It is personally gratifying for me that Jio’s investments are aligned to Government of India’s “Digital India” vision for our nation,” said Mukesh Ambani, chairman, Reliance Industries.

Reliance Jio’s Digital Vision lies on three pillars- All-IP infrastructure, affordable 4G smartphones and rich suite of content & applications.

Creating An All-IP Infrastructure
The digital network created by Reliance Jio can serve 100 million wireless broadband users and 20 million fiber-to-the-home customers which can be scaled up as demand increases. The infrastructure is one of the largest green field digital initiatives anywhere in the world and is the only operator in the world to create an all-IP network. It is also interesting to know that more than half of Internet traffic served by Jio will be carried on its own network.

In terms of coverage, it has direct presence in 29 states and 18,000 cities and towns. In terms of rural coverage, Jio has a footprint in one lakh villages. By end-2015, Jio’s coverage will reach 80 percent of India’s population and within 3 years it will reach 100 percent population.

The company has now started focusing on Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployment and plans are to connect one million homes via fiber across Top 50 cities of India.

In terms of OFC infrastructure, Jio has deployed a digital backbone of nearly 250,000 route kilometres of fibre optics across India. The domestic fibre optic capacity of Jio is supported by multi-terabit capacity international network. Over the next 3 years, Jio will more than double this domestic fibre footprint by deploying fibre optics in the last mile. In terms of data center, Jio is planning to have one million square feet of next-generation cloud data centres in 2016 of which nearly half a million square feet has been operationalized.

Rich Suite of Content & Applications
Reliance Jio is not leaving anything and whatever is available in the physical world will be available in the digital world. In terms of verticals, the focus is on digital currency, digital commerce, digital education, digital healthcare, e-governance, M2M, IoT (Internet of things) and smart cities.

Jio is planning to launch a suite of exciting, engaging and entertaining apps like Jio Play, Jio Beats, Jio Mags, Jio News, Jio Money and Jio Drive after Jio Chat. All these services are ready and are being piloted today and will be launched along with Jio connectivity services in due course of time.

Jio is also connecting enterprises, SMB, and SME customers over this high speed IP network, enabling advanced services using cloud based solutions. In rural areas, Reliance Jio is prioritizing broadband connectivity to thousands of schools.

Reliance Jio Suite of Applications
Jio Chat launched in April is a powerful communication application that integrates chat, voice, video calling, conferencing, file sharing, photo sharing and much more in a single application.

Jio Drive helps in storing, syncing and sharing any content between one’s own device with that of friends.

Jio Play brings best in class, personalized video on demand application that brings bollywood, regional and international movies,TV episodes, trailers and music videos in high definition format.

Jio Beats is a premier digital music streaming service that gives consumers instant access to millions of songs and curated playlists – from old favorites to the latest hits. One can also download music and listen to it offline.

Jio Mags provides the most popular collection of magazines, in full color and with a slew of innovative features. One can read past issues along with the very latest issues. One can also enjoy one’s favorite magazine on mobile and tablet with embedded videos.

Jio News delivers a one stop shop for all news from leading news publishing houses across multiple languages and categories. It offers instant live updates with zero loading time and offline reading capability.

Jio Money is the digital money and digital payments business is an ideal solution for even our smallest merchants, such as kiranas, restaurants, and taxi drivers.

Switch-and-Walk is an interesting application that allows customers to seamlessly copy everything from their old phone to a new phone. All your contacts, messages, photos, music, media and applications – from one phone to another, wirelessly, with just a few easy clicks.

Affordable 4G Smartphones
The day is not far when 4G handsets will be available at Rs prices below Rs 4,000. Jio is ensuring that devices be it smartphones, tablets and others are available at all price points. Reliance Jio has worked with all leading device manufacturers to ensure availability of 4G LTE smartphones across all price points right from ultra-premium, premium, mid-level and entry level models.

The combination of Jio’s strong initiatives and a supportive global environment, gives me the confidence that we will see 4G LTE smartphones in India at prices below Rs 4,000 by December of this year,” says Mukesh Ambani.

“We will deliver the gold standard for coverage and capacity, and push to raise the bar even further with small cells,” added Reliance Jio. If the above promises gets fulfilled, Reliance Jio will definitely help in achieving Narendra’s Modi vision of Digital India.

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