Why Upgraded MyAirtel App Was Long Due


Airtel has launched the upgraded version of its MyAirtel App and it will surprise you. In the new app, the firm offers almost all the solutions or services that Reliance Jio currently offers like TV, Music, On-demand video, Movies, radio etc. It also has integrated Bharti’s Hike messaging app in to the new MyAirtel App so that customers get all the service at one place.

And it was much needed.

What Was Wrong With Airtel

Airtel had this mobile app – MyAirtel – for a long time now, and the company also had the solutions like music, radio etc, but these were never offered in an integrated manner. Traditionally Airtel has been offering most of its solutions in individual packets – you might have downloaded its Wynk Music or Wynk Movies and used it in the past. But customers were not informed well by the operator what all services are available for them. Its own customers were even not aware of the offerings, keep aside the non-Airtel customers.

The entry of Jio might have prompted, rather forced,  Airtel to put all its offerings in one plate and serve it to the customers. And its good for Airtel. Competition teaches us the tricks of business, and of survival too, at times. Customers should get something to experiment, and until unless they find more tools to do that, they would loose interest. They may abandon you.

Why Good Move

Better late than never. Airtel could have done this or could have offered all these solutions much before Jio came in to the picture. Maybe, Airtel wanted to gauge Jio’s move before taking it’s own.

The new MyAirtel App have many things that customers can wish for. It gives free calling through the app, means you can make free voice calls, just like Jio, through its My Airtel app. Though at present it has been limited to make Airtel to airtel free calls and that too for only 50 minutes, we are informed by company insiders that it will be extended to more minutes and intra operators as well.

MyAirtel app also integrated Airtel Money, just like Jio Money in the MyJio app. Airtel Money was there even before Jio got its license to be a telecom player, but Airtel failed to make proper use of that. Though Airtel Money, like Vodafone m-Pesa is a growing trend in the country, along with other mobile wallets.

The new app also offers free storage in the cloud via its Airtel Cloud app and at present it offers storage of 2 GB to back up customers data.

Besides, MyAirtel app brings other solutions like Ditto Live for watching live TV ; Juggernaut for reading books on the move and Wynk Games with thousands of ad-free online games.

Reliance Jio offers all these solutions too.

What’s Left To Do

Is Airtel loosing some brownie points as compared to Jio? May be. What does Jio’s MyJio app have that MyAirtel App doesn’t? There are quire a few like JioMags, JioExpressNews, JioSecurity, AJIO and JioNet. Airtel does not have to emulate everything that Jio is doing but there are few things Airtel should take up on priority. Like JioNet.

One of the important solutions that Airtel is loosing out of Jio is the equivalent of JioNet which is being offered as the WiFi hotspots for Jio customers. What JioNet does is it automatically connects to Jio’s WiFi network whenever the customers is around that, helping the customers save his mobile data. Also, its a seamless process – the JioNet does not ask for any security key or password to connect, as it has been sorted out at the time of purchasing the data package. The JioNet can detect the individual customer ID and the smartphone registered to that network, and automatically connects to it.

Airtel, on priority, should offer this solution. Airtel customers, through MyAirtel app, should be able to connect to its WiFi network, wherever its available. It helps the customers save their mobile data and it also saves the operator from congesting its network by WiFi offloading.


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