What Is Reliance Jio GigaFiber Project? Here Are The Details

Reliance Industries on Thursday announced its ambitious fiber based broadband services called Jio GigaFiber. Announced during the 41st RIL AGM, the services will be rolled out from 15 August 2018 in 1100 cities in the first phase.

Now, let us understand what is Jio GigaFiber and and what is the project all about.

Reliance Jio GiggaFiber is a fixed broadband offering from RIL. In our country broadband internet is provided primarily in two modes – wireless and fixed.  The high-speed broadband or internet that we get on our phone, like 4G, through mobile service providers, are examples of wireless broadband. In the other hand, the broadband services that we get in our homes, offices, hotels etc are some examples of fixed broadband. Telecom service providers as well as internet service providers are the primary players who offer fixed broadband services.

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Fixed broadband services are served through various cables, earlier copper lines were used, now that has been replaced by optic fiber. Optic fiber has multiple benefits over copper lines like longevity, higher throughput and bandwidth capacity.

Reliance’s Jio GigaFiber, as the name suggests, is a fiber based fixed broadband service. The company, according to its Chairman Mukesh Ambani, has invested Rs 2.5 lakh crore in building Jio’s fiber network in the country.

In most developed nations, over 80% of broadband services are offered on fixed lines, means through cables or fiber network. However, in our country we have got a poor fiber network and that hampers the growth of fixed broadband services.

Reliance, through its fiber network and with Jio GigaFiber, aims to make India among the Top 5 fixed broadband nations in the world.

What Is RIL’s Jio GigaFiber Offering?

During the RIL AGM, Isha Ambani, Mukesh Ambani’s daughter and one of the directors in Jio, said gone are the days of ‘MBPS’, now is the time for ‘GBPS’. What she meant was internet speed will now be measured with Gbps speed or giga bytes per second. So, far we have been used to Mbps or mega bytes per second, which offers much slower data speed than Gbps. The Jio GigaFiber aims to offer even the basis broadband plan in Gbps speed.

The services will be launched on 15 August and the services will be rolled out in 1100 cities simultaneously. The price, data plans etc are not yet disclosed. The company said one can book for the services through My Jio app or through the Jio website. Ambani said, the areas that will get maximum registrations will get priority in terms of service availability.

What the Jio GigaFiber Can Do?

A lot of things, if we go by Mukesh Ambani’s speech at the RIL AGM.

As the GigaFiber is going to be a high speed fixed broadband service, it can put a home or office on a digital fast-track. The current service providers that provide broadband services are either offer too slow data speed or better speed at expensive rates, which is not affordable for masses. This is what hampers the growth of India’s broadband penetration. Jio GigaFiber aims to overcome this barrier with better speed at affordable prices.

Second, once a home gets ultra high speed data connectivity through GigaFiber, Jio aims to convert these houses to smart homes. In a smart home concept, the home appliances, like switches, lights, AC, TV, refrigerators etc can be connected to the home broadband and can be controlled via a smartphone.

Keeping that in mind Jio also showcased some of its smart home products including switches, home router, smart TV set top boxes etc. According to Jio, if a home is connected to Jio GigaFiber and is enabled as a smart home, they do not require any other DTH or cable TV services. The set tp boxes from Jio will offer all these TV programs and channels using the high speed GigaFiber broadband.

Making telephone calls and video calls are also possible using the smart TV. Using these smart TVs, one can make a video call to their friends, relatives, appoint a meeting with their office staff and even talk to a doctor for a health consultation.

And, interestingly, these things are not anymore in a concept stage. Products and services ready and it will be rolled out starting 15 August, Ambani said.

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