What Insiders Say On Binny’s Exit From Walmart-Flipkart

Insiders at the firm vouch that it was a well orchestrated plan of Walmart to remove any old hand in the firm, including Binny, and the lady in question was ‘incentivised’ to make the complaint


Binny Bansal, one of the co-founders of Flipkart resigned from his post of Group CEO three days back. Walmart told to the whole world he resigned on account of ‘serious personal misconduct’. No one, however, is officially informed what was the misconduct. It is generally seen, a ‘personal misconduct’ is more often linked to someone’s sexual behaviour, and in a #MeToo era, it appears more ‘believable’.

Flipkart insiders, however, have more to share than what it was informed to the public and what is being portrayed of Binni’s exit.

“Binny has been trapped,” say multiple sources at the retail giant. Two of these sources are among the top senior level executives at the firm.

The sources said the US retail firm Walmart was well aware of the ‘rumors’ of Binny’s relation with a junior colleague much before the acquisition but they seem to had no issues then.

“Binny’s was a mutual affair couple of years back and known to many at the HQ,” said one source. “However, it was a short lived one and the individual concerned had left the firm much before.”

The sources said Walmart, while doing the due diligence of the deal, got to know about this from unverified sources and also had a discussion with Binny as well as Sachin, who, Walmart thought might be in the ‘know’  on this matter. “It, then, seemed like a casual investigation,” the source added.

“While they (Walmart) knew this from February or March, you need to ask why they started taking it seriously from June, just after the deal,” another senior source raised question. “They first wanted the deal to materialise.”

According to the executives, it was a well planned strategy of Walmart to take the complete control of the firm, and remove the existing strong holds. Sachin Bansal had already left the firm, and Binny was the one they wanted to get rid of.

The sequence of events, as offered by the sources, is like this –

  • In February-March, Walmart got to know about this affair
  • In May the deal was announced
  • In June, the individual concern was prodded to make a ‘written complaint’ to its HQ in the US
  • A quick investigation was set up in July with a predetermined outcome
  • The deal closed in August
  • In October Binny was ‘asked’ to leave
  • November – Binny quits

As per their versions, the colleague in question who Binny was alleged to have an affair, had never made any ‘complaints or allegations’ against Binny or others at Flipkart as it was appeared to be a ‘consensual’ one.

“She was incentivised to make a written complaint leveling sexual harassment against Binny,” the source added. “She was even suggested to make the complaint to the Walmart HQ and to their top boss instead of at local office as the local office and admin was still under Flipkart’s control till July,” he added.

The Walmart Flipkart deal closed at the end of August 2018 and the US firm took control of everything at its Indian buy.

We are also told that Walmart has strictly informed everyone at the Bangalore HQ not to ‘write, engage in conversation or add to the discussion’ on this topic anywhere in social media.

Note : We are working on the story, and would bring you more update in coming times.

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