VIVA Bahrain Deploy Region’s First 9-Sector Solution

VIVA-Bahrain-Deploy-Region's-First-9-Sector-SolutionVIVA Bahrain has successfully implemented Huawei’s 9-sector solution using the triple-beam antenna technology.

This innovative solution, delivers approximately 2.7 times the performance of a regular mobile tower and capacity to absorb traffic demand, offering higher quality telecommunications services whilst enhancing VIVA’s customers connectivity at events or locations were data demand is extremely high.

VIVA’s first successful deployment of Huawei’s 9-sector solution was done during the ‘2016 F1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix’ race, where VIVA subscribers enjoyed flawless connectivity to the Kingdom’s fastest and widest mobile network. This was the first stage of a full roll out planned of this technology in different locations across Bahrain where installation of new tower sites has limitations.

Huawei’s innovative 9-sector solution, using the industry-leading triple-beam antenna technology, improves the network’s capacity to 2.2~2.7 times of the original 3-sector site and capability of absorbing traffic, achieves excellent KPI performance, and creates more economic benefits for operators.

“Jointly with Huawei, we have achieved a technological breakthrough. We always look for new ways to further enhance our customers’ experience and meet their demands for high data volume,” said Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, chief executive officer, VIVA Bahrain.

“Delivering the Kingdom’s fastest 4G LTE network lays at the heart of VIVA and this time we have achieved so by implementing an innovative solution that also provides an environmentally responsible alternative by significantly reducing the need to build new tower sites in Bahrain,” added Wetaid.

“Both companies worked closely to ensure the successful deployment of Huwei’s 9-sector solution, making VIVA the first operator in the region to use it for commercial purposes. Crowd management and sustaining network performance at these previously unreachable levels is truly a great achievement,” said Peng Honghua, president, UMTS, Huawei.

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