Viavi Offers Trilithic Signal Leakage Solution Across Products

VIAVI Solutions has announced that it has expanded Trilithic signal leakage offerings in all of its products and solutions of cable signal meters. Products like VIAVI OneExpert and Trilithic DSP have been enabled with the proven leakage detection technology from Trilithic, a company Viavi had acquired in August 2017.

Multiple system operators (MSOs) can now choose from a wide, unified selection of cable test instruments at different price points, addressing technologies up to DOCSIS 3.1, and providing the long-term economic benefits of efficiently minimizing leakage in home networks.

What Is Signal Leakage?

Faults in equipment, cables or connectors can lead to RF signals in the home network not being properly contained. In addition, harmful ingress via these leaks from the subscriber premises can affect an entire node. This issue is becoming more critical as higher speed technologies such as DOCSIS 3.1 further stress the physical infrastructure, and the number of RF-emitting devices in homes continues to grow. Today’s service provider can suffer economic loss from degraded network quality, risk of subscriber churn, and time spent troubleshooting and resolving problems. In fact, a technician or contractor can spend a considerable amount of time inspecting all of the cable plant in the home to pinpoint leaks.

Trilithic has established a reputation as a pioneer in home signal leakage detection, with a patented approach to leakage measurement that comprehensively tests the Aeronautical and LTE bands in both fully digital and analog cable systems. Using a handheld transmitter and a cable signal meter equipped with an antenna and applicable firmware, a technician can efficiently locate and repair leaks. Adding the detection function to the installation/ service meter offers a consolidated instrument solution for all service activation functions. This capability is now available across the VIAVI OneExpert and Trilithic DSP instrument families.

“RF integrity in the home is an often overlooked source of issues affecting both network quality and subscriber satisfaction,” said Kevin Oliver, Vice President and General Manager, Converged Instruments and Virtual Test, VIAVI Solutions. “Thanks to the addition of industry-leading home leakage detection to our technician-friendly instruments, locating leaks is no longer like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our customers will save on truck rolls, time spent on service calls, and subscriber retention.”

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