Viavi And Livingston Bring 4G Network Testing Solutions

Viavi-And-Livingston-Bring-4G-Network-Testing-SolutionsViavi Solutions and Livingston India recently organized 4G seminar on “Overcoming 4G Network Challenges and Providing Solutions for Network Optimization” at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Gurgaon.

The focus of the seminar was to address end to end testing challenges in 4G networks covering various interfaces required to assure network quality. With new technology and services that need to be rolled out quickly, it is important for service providers to reduce the overall test-time duration when possible. Despite the need to consider key network variables along with a high number of devices and applications in the test scope, the test-time reduction must be achieved in an efficient manner while executing an increasing number of test scenarios, or use cases.

As part of the seminar, attendees learned about the new testing technology and service introduction solutions that have been designed to speed time to revenue by offering automated and streamlined testing.

The seminar kicked-off with a keynote address by Sandeep Kapoor, managing director, India and South Asia, Viavi Solutions who explained about the 3-dimensional network visibility that Viavi Solutions provides to solve complex network problems.

He further elaborated on the various solutions to cope with big data, Internet of things and cloud-based applications.

Customers learnt about the Viavi’s diverse portfolio from Instruments to solutions to services for cloud-enabled network infrastructure testing, validation, performance optimization and service assurance.

Shailendra Kalra, managing director, Livingston India introduced the value added services that Livingston is offering to its customers including end-to-end asset management to help users extract the maximum value of their test and measurement tools, ensure control and visibility and manage obsolescence in a cost effective manner.

In addition to these remarks, Viavi technical experts spoke about the testing and optimization challenges of radio interfaces and the need for real time monitoring and optimization which could be served by RUBIX, the industry’s first real-time RAN optimization and benchmarking solution. RUBIX is changing RF post-processing by letting operators spend more time improving end-user QoE as opposed to managing drive test data and retracing venues for walking.

Transport and Optical Experts from Viavi also discussed the challenges of transmission networks. Viavi’s transport network operation solution touches every part of the service lifecycle from construction, to service activation, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting, regardless of the interface or infrastructure type. During the construction of networks, or re-verification of existing infrastructure, Viavi’s solution for field technicians works to marry best-in-class fiber or copper characterization tools with the simplicity and convenience of a cloud-based system for workflow, results and asset management.

Viavi and Livingston launched partner program called RENEW for customers in India. Under this program, Viavi and Livingston have joined together to introduce new and flexible ways for customers to acquire state of the art 4G test solutions from Viavi.

The program comprises various options from “Rental” to “Rent to buy” to “Refresh” under which companies can benefit from refreshing old equipment with the newest in class test equipment. Livingston has been setting benchmarks in the industry by offering innovative solutions that are making the acquisition of test and measurement equipment faster and more cost effective. The RENEW program will ensure that the challenges involved in testing for 4G Networks can be easily addressed by having the right equipment and technology without having to worry about budget constraints.

Together Livingston and Viavi Solutions are offering the Indian customers the technologically best in class Test Solutions with various flexible options to source for E2E 4G Network Testing requirements.

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