ZTE announces top level changes

ZTE has announced top level changes to focus on key strategic operations and high-growth business opportunities.

ZTE Mobile Devices will operate as an independent unit of the company, to be headed by Zeng Xuezhong, executive vice president, ZTE. Zeng was previously in charge of ZTE’s operations in China.

He Shiyou, executive vice president, ZTE and the former head of terminals, will remain as an executive director, ZTE.

Pang Shengqing, senior vice president, ZTE has been appointed as head of ZTE’s enterprise business. ZTE anticipates that rising demand for cloud computing, big data, smart city and the Internet of Things will help drive growth in the company’s enterprise business.

Zhao Xianming, executive vice president, ZTE, has been appointed chief technology officer, ZTE.

In 2014, ZTE will channel increased resources to grow its 3 pillar businesses: operators, mobile devices and enterprise. At the same time, ZTE will step up efforts to target three emerging market segments: metropolitan public IT systems, new energy technology and mobile Internet.

In ZTE’s business serving telecommunications operators, the company will intensify its focus on key areas of higher profitability and strive for increased efficiency by adopting a flattened management structure. ZTE aims to be a market leader in 4G and will pursue game-changing breakthroughs in development of 4G equipment, 4G semiconductors and 4G devices.

“In 2014, the company is excited about the opportunities in enterprise and mobile devices, and the organizational changes will strengthen our capabilities in these areas,” said Hou Weigui, chairman, ZTE.

“Telecommunications and technology are intensely competitive industries, and it is vital that we constantly renew ourselves in order to excel,” added Weigui.

“It is important for the company to become faster, more entrepreneurial, more youthful and more focused,” said Shi Lirong, president, ZTE.

“We need to execute changes in our strategy, our organization and our culture in a responsive and timely way,” added Lirong.

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