Turk Telekom partners with Akamai

Turk Telekom, Turkey’s leading communication and convergence technologies company has signed up with Akamai Technologies to jointly build and manage a high-capacity Operator Content Delivery Network (OCDN) in Turkey for high-quality delivery of online content and video.

The partnership which will optimize the network efficiency of Turkey’s Internet infrastructure and will ensure a significant increase in speed and performance for broadband and mobile users in Turkey, particularly when accessing social media and popular online video sites. It will also allow Turkish media companies to provide high quality content to their audiences outside of Turkey.

With this business partnership, Turk Telekom joins a select group of leading telecommunications companies who have entered a strategic partnership with Akamai to serve global and local customers on a joint technology and network platform.

Turk Telekom, CEO, Tahsin Yılmaz said, “This partnership will also significantly reduce our network costs associated with traffic originating from content across the globe. Better yet, we will be making a significant contribution to Turkey’s economy, as data traffic and services within Turkey will be accessed by users in other countries. In a sense, we’ll be exporting data to many international customers.”

Akamai, co-founder and CEO, Tom Leighton said, ” Our partnership with Turk Telekom is a great way for both companies to bring new, innovative services to market and assist companies doing business inside the country and within the region.”

“Over the coming years, we look forward to innovate together with Tuürk Telekom on cloud and network optimization solutions,” added Leighton.

The collaboration between Turk Telekom and Akamai will provide global companies even faster performance to deliver their services inside Turkey. In addition, the partnership will allow Internet users much faster access to the content of domestic and international origin made available through the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

With the Turk Telekom Aura CDN, global content will become more distributed toward the edge of the Turk Telekom infrastructure. The result will be faster page and download times, lower latency, higher quality online video and even better experience for Internet users in Turkey.

For companies inside Turkey looking to deliver content within the country or even globally, the Turk Telekom CDN can be utilized to provide better performance and scale. In addition, the Akamai Intelligent Platform will provide global delivery of that content utilizing its highly distributed servers throughout most areas of the world.

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