TRAI recommends full mobile number portability (MNP) in 6 months

TRAI has recommended full mobile number portability (MNP) in six months time as per the recommendations for full mobile number portability released by the Authority today.

Authority is of the opinion that 6 months will be sufficient for operators to carry out the required changes in their existing systems, complete inter-operator testing and implement the solution.

Presently mobile subscribers in India are availing the facility of MNP for porting their mobile number within the same LSA (local service area). The facility of pan-India portability will allow a subscriber to change his LSA without changing his mobile number.

Implementation of full MNP would therefore mean acceptance of a porting request by the recipient operator from a mobile number belonging to any of the LSAs of the country, irrespective of the fact that the LSA from where the subscriber is porting his mobile number and the LSA to which he wants to port his number belong to the same or different MNP zones.

TRAI has recommended that recipient operator forwards the porting request to the MNPSP of the zone to which number range holder of the number belongs.

As all TSPs already have connectivity with both the MNPSPs they will not have to make any changes in communicating with the MNPSP of the other zone. This approach also does not require interaction between the two MNPSPs. Therefore, this method eliminates the need for connectivity/synchronization between the two MNPSPs.

However, in this approach, intelligence needs to be built-into the operator’s NPG so as to forward the porting request to the concerned MNPSP based on the identity of the number range holder network.

In full MNP regime, the authority has suggested that the subscribers may be made aware of/educated to dial numbers in the +91 format which is the standard dialing format, after Full MNP is implemented.

The Authority recommends that DoT may consider the request of the operators and reduce the Acceptance Testing Fee to 25 percent of the current fee.

Testing Fees for Acceptance Testing Recommended by TRAI

UASL/CMTS Service Provider – Rs 76,807 (per network per LSA)

Basic/WLL Service Provider – Rs 47,340 (per network per LSA)

International Long Distance Operator (ILDO) – Rs 47,340 (per Gateway)

MNPO    – Rs 69,950 per site (Production/Disaster)
– Rs 15,090 per network per LSA (GSM/ CDMA)

The DoT may also carry out the necessary changes in the existing MNP license for implementation of Full MNP once it gives a go ahead for full MNP.

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