Telstra conduct live trial of LTE broadcast

Telstra has successfully completed a live demonstration of Ericsson’s LTE Broadcast solution in a stadium environment.

Three dedicated streams of content – live coverage, highlights and statistics – of the Australia vs England “T20” cricket match were broadcast to participants. By using a specially designed application and an LTE Broadcast-enabled device, participants were able to select the content of the most interest to them.

By broadcasting a single stream, LTE Broadcast allows an unlimited number of enabled users in the broadcast areas to receive popular content, ensuring a high-quality user experience while making the most efficient use of spectrum. In environments such as stadiums and public venues, where subscriber densities can reach extremely high levels, broadcasting content is the best way to deliver a consistent and reliable user experience.

Mike Wright, executive director for Networks, Telstra said, “This trial proved that the LTE Broadcast solution worked effectively in a stadium environment. Instead of requiring around 2 GB of data per user to stream one content channel of the game, we were able to serve all LTE Broadcast users, with 3 concurrent streams requiring a total of around 6 GB for the entire broadcast, which clearly demonstrates an efficient use of spectrum.”

“This outcome has great potential to provide new services to attendees at sporting or other entertainment events and to lift the user experience to a new level,” added Wright.

Without LTE Broadcast, each user would receive an individual data stream for the content and the quality would be dependent on the number of users in the cell area.

Håkan Eriksson, head, Ericsson Australia and New Zealand said, “LTE Broadcast provides a great opportunity for mobile operators to drive new revenue streams for premium entertainment video services over LTE and meet increasing consumer demand for exceptional quality video experience. Together with leading industry partners in standardization and ecosystem development, we will ready commercial deployment for the mass market, optimizing the use of existing spectrum and networks.”

Ericsson’s LTE Broadcast solution is designed to scale with increasing video consumption, efficiently delivering best quality of experience, and new revenue opportunities through differentiated video services.

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