Samsung and Qualcomm lead smartwatch race

Samsung and Qualcomm are coming out with smartwatch products to demonstrate how people will interact with their watches in future.

Smartwatch will act as an extension to smartphones and tablets and will increase individuals productivity. It will also be used as an extension device to other smart products as and when they are launched in the market. Smartwatch can work in sync with these devices and will be a great device fo alert and montoring.

On Wednesday, Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch which act as an extension to a smartphone as it alert users about incoming messages and calls on its display screen. Users can even make calls without using their phone. The Gear sports a basic 1.9 MP camera and works with popular social media and fitness apps such as Twitter and RunKeeper. The Android-powered device starts shipping in most countries by September 25, starting at $299.

The Galaxy Gear has a 1.63-inch, 320 x 320 Super AMOLED colour touchscreen and runs an 800 MHz Exynos single-core processor and is only compatible with Samsung products which can act as a limitation whenever the product is available commercially. Samsung should focus to get the product work along with other smartphone brands.

On the other hand, Qualcomm is planning to release a Qualcomm branded smartwatch in Q4 of 2013. The Qualcomm Toq (‘talk’) smartwatch will provide a digital sixth sense by telling the person what he needs to know, when you need to know it, with just a glance at your wrist or a whisper in your ear.

With Toq, consumers will be able to manage smartphone calls, text messages, meeting reminders and various notifications from their wrist. Developers also will be able to tap and send program notifications to the smartwatch through the Qualcomm Toq app, which supports the AllJoyn Notification Services Framework.

Designed to serve as a second display to your smartphone, the Qualcomm Toq (‘talk’) smartwatch will feature proprietary Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Qualcomm Mirasol display technology, a revolutionary reflective, low-power display that enables an always on viewing experience, wireless charging by Qualcomm WiPower LE technology and a true stereo Bluetooth audio experience, all while offering its wearer long battery life with seamless connectivity to their smartphone.

Global smartwatch shipments are likely to be limited in the near term, according to a preliminary forecast issued today by IHS. Shipments are expected to amount to 268,000 in 2013. While shipments are set to rise sharply in 2014, the total will amount to only 2.6 million units, as presented in the preliminary forecast attached. However, in the longer term, shipments are expected to reach much higher volumes, with units rising to nearly 39 million units in 2018.

Seeing the success of smartphone there will be a demand for lot many smart devices. Technology companies are working on different models so that they can leverage on these products and make a mark for themselves by creating market for these products in future.

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