Ofcom’s quadrupling license fees will jeopardise UK 4G rollout: GSMA

Ofcom’s quadrupling of license fees in 900 MHz and 1,800 MHz will jeopardise UK 4G rollout says GSMA (Global Systems Mobile Association).

Tom Phillips, chief regulatory officer, GSMA said, “The GSMA is concerned that Ofcom’s proposal to more than quadruple annual licence fees – from £24.8 million to £138.5 million for the 900 MHz band and from £39.7 million to £170.4 million for the 1800 MHz – will jeopardise mobile operators’ ability to upgrade their networks for 4G services in the UK.”

“According to a recent report by the GSMA, Europe is lagging significantly behind the US in terms of deployment of next-generation wireless infrastructure. 4G represented 19 per cent of US connections compared to less than two per cent in the EU (European Union) at the end of 2013. However, improvement in 4G deployment can only be realised with long-term investment from the industry.

“Any lag in 4G roll-out could potentially put UK businesses at an international disadvantage and deny consumers access to the latest mobile services,” added Phillips.

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