NTT Communications’ to launch Arcstar Universal by March 2014

NTT Communications (NTT Com) has announced the launch of Arcstar Universal One Virtual Option by March 2014.

Arcstar Universal allows users to easily create, use and control overlay networks on-demand via existing corporate networks or the Internet using software-defined network (SDN) virtual technology. NTT Com will be the first carrier to offer such a service.

Arcstar Universal One Virtual Option initially will be available in 21 countries, including Japan, the US, Singapore, the UK, Hong Kong, Germany and Australia, eventually expanding to 30 countries. Reservations will be accepted from in March 2014.

Arcstar Universal One Virtual Option is a highly efficient service. In the case of a business consolidation or intercompany project, for example, the customer can expect to reduce costs by up to 60 percent and shorten the configuration period by up 80 percent compared to the conventional establishment of a dedicated gateway and reassignment of IP addresses to connect to a common server from a different network environment.

The configuration period can be shortened by 50 percent in the case of integrating smaller bases, or setting up a base outside Japan with a secure network connection.

SDN architecture is used to define data flows in a network, enabling the customer to divide or integrate a network’s pooled resources regardless of its physical configuration. NTT Com’s original network virtualization technology securely encrypts communication on the overlay network. NTT Com also developed the controller function to freely connect to or disconnect from the network via the Business Portal.

The service application will be free to download and will cost just JPY 250 per month to use. The dedicated adapter will cost JPY 15,000 and JPY 1,500 per month to use.

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