Max Telecom to launch Bulgaria’s first 4G LTE

Max Telecom will launch Bulgaria’s first 4G LTE network in 1800 MHz spectrum band.

The chairman of the board of directors of the company Daniel Kupsin, along with chief executive officer Peter Covell and the member of the board of directors, Tony Robinson presented recent global trends in 4G LTE technology and the need for the Bulgarian market to adopt 4G LTE.

All journalists and bloggers had a chance to test the first Bulgarian 4G LTE network. Speeds of 76 Mbps were easily achieved during the tests, through the variety of devices and tablets the operator presented. Max Telecom is currently testing and optimizing its 4G LTE network and continuing its rollout. The 4G LTE service is expected to be launched in the first half of the year.

“4G LTE is undoubtedly the best solution for mobile Internet access in terms of speed and latency and Max Telecom believes that the Bulgarian consumers will benefit enormously from the 4G LTE services,” said Peter Covell,

. Our strategic plans are focused on full 4G LTE coverage indoor and outdoor. The company has a 5-year rollout plan of the network, starting with the biggest cities and covering the resorts. For the launch Max Telecom will have at least 20 percent coverage of the Bulgarian population”, stated Peter Covell, CEO, Max Telecom.

“4G LTE is the fastest developing mobile technology and it is the next step in improved user experience, because it enables effortless and faster browsing, use of interactive TV, HD video streaming, multi-party video calls and interactive online mobile gaming,” added Covell.

Max Telecom conducted the first 4G LTE data transfer in September last year. Since then Max Telecom has worked hard internally to develop the building process of its 4G LTE network.

According to a study on the Internet environment in the country, conducted by Digitribe and Pragmatica agency, Bulgarian consumers use Internet longer, and at more diverse places. They are becoming more and more mobile – 73.5 percent growth in use of smartphones in Bulgaria for Internet use in 2013, compared to the previous year.

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