Huawei’s NE5000E, first to pass Full-Loading 400G 6.4T Test

Huawei announced that its core router – NE5000E is the first router to pass the full-loading 400G 6.4T test conducted by European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC).

The tested flagship NE5000E was fully loaded with 400G line cards and contained a total of 32 100GE, 10 40GE, and 280 10GE ports. Spirent, the leading network performance test equipment vendor, provided its latest high-density test platform – SPT- N11U.

To ensure test results’ authenticity, EANTC designed strict testing methods to emulate realistic carrier network scenarios based on EANTC’s extensive service provider testing experience including performance, features, power consumption, and reliability areas.

In product performance, it is the industry’s first router to achieve the unprecedented goal of zero packet loss in the forwarding of 125 trillion packets. The product’s power consumption is as low as 8106 W which is half the industry average. In reliability, zero packet loss was guaranteed to ensure non-stop routing (NSR).The testing results also showed that NE5000E can realize BGP convergence time 130,000 routes/s, which is three times faster than the industry average.

“Huawei’s new LPUF-400 line cards for the NE5000E worked great in our test,” stated Carsten Rossenhoevel, co-founder and managing director of EANTC.

“Our in-depth test confirmed Huawei’s claims of extraordinary performance, reliability, services and power efficiency. We congratulate Huawei to show 6.4 Terabits/s throughput in a single 42HE router chassis using less than 9 kW power,” added Rossenhoevel.

Gai Gang, president, Huawei Carrier IP Product Line said, “The test well demonstrated Huawei’s leadership in the era of 400G routers. Huawei will continue to work with EANTC and Spirent to promote the commercial use of 400G routers. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to the R&D of core router technologies to deliver larger and more stable networks of higher bandwidth in the Terabit era to help carriers offer better network experience.”

Huawei NE5000E 400G routers have been successfully deployed by many global carriers including TRUE and DTAC of Thailand and Mobily of Saudi Arabia.

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