Grameenphone to launch 3G in October

Grameenphone today announced that it will launch 3G for customers in the first half of October.

Grameenphone is planning to give 3G coverage in selected areas of Dhaka City and Chittagong by October, while 7 divisional cities will come under coverage by December this year. Dhaka City, Narayangonj and Gazipur will be covered by November.

The company will introduce affordable 3G packages to meet the demand of its different customer segments.

“This marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Grameenphone and Bangladesh. The country is getting ready for the data centric era, and our mission is to help the nation move ahead through providing internet for all,” said Vivek Sood, CEO, Grameenphone.

Grameenphone yesterday acquired 10 MHz of 3G-spectrum in an auction arranged by BTRC, more than any of the participating competitors. The spectrum, which is part of the 2100 MHz band, will enable the roll out of a nationwide 3G-network with enhanced capacity and instant mobile internet access for all customers.

Grameenphone started its operation in 1997 and was the first telecom operator to expand its network around the country. It was also first in introducing mobile internet and is currently the largest provider of internet services.

Speaking on the occasion Grameenphone’s CEO, Vivek Sood said, “Grameenphone is known for its high quality network and services, we are committed to providing the same for 3G.”

The CEO stressed the opportunities offered by 3G, such as fast internet and hoped that people will use them to meet their own aspiration and to build a developed country. Grameenphone will do its best to make 3G available to all.

Tanveer Mohammad, CTO and Mahmud Hossain, CCAO of Grameenphone were present on the press conference. “We will be starting immediately with the ambition to deploy the fastest ever 3G roll-out by a Telenor business unit,” said Tanveer Mohammad, CTO, Grameenphone.

Grameenphone is the largest telecom operator in Bangladesh, with coverage all over the country and over 44 million subscribers. It is the largest listed company and highest tax payer of the country.

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