Cisco expands manufacturing facility in Brazil

Cisco is expanding its manufacturing in Brazil this month with the production of advanced enterprise Wi-Fi Access Points.

The 1600 and 2600 Access Point families join the lines of switches, produced since last September, and routers, which local manufacturing started in September 2012.

Next-generation products, the access points are designed for businesses of all sizes and various segments like automation and retail, that seek to provide Wi-Fi quality and high security, improving the mobile device users` experience.

With the Access Points, switches and routers, Cisco now offers a complete unified access solution of products manufactured in Brazil, and is also boosting the Internet of Everything (IoE).

The expansion through one of the Cisco manufacturing partners with facilities in Sao Paulo state allows the company to better serve the needs of the Brazilian market, optimizing availability, which will result in prompt delivery and competitiveness of these products. The local manufacturing is in compliance with PPB (Processo Produtivo Basico – Basic Productive Process) and will generate about 150 jobs.

Rodrigo Dienstmann, president, Cisco Brazil said, “We see an explosion of demand for mobility in the corporation, from small to large companies and governments. The local production of Wi-Fi Access Points will support this market trend. Additionally, the expansion of the local manufacturing with the Center of Innovation in Rio and other investments in Brazil reinforce our long-term commitment with the country. For customers, local manufacturing means advantages such as high availability of products at the most competitive prices.”

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