BT to deploy 400+ people in AMEA

BT is planning to deploy 400+ people focused on Asia Pacific, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa (AMEA) with the objective of accelerating its expansion in high growth markets.

BT today announced a new phase of investments into the rapidly growing economies of AMEA with the objective of accelerating its expansion in high growth markets.

The 400+ new people will be focused on regional business growth across all key markets, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey. New hires will include industry specialists focused on sectors such as logistics, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, financial services and professional services based in 11 countries.

The company also plans to secure new value added services licenses in various countries, enabling an extended portfolio offering and stronger portfolio capabilities in the fields of security, cloud, unified communications, mobility and contact centers.

The company will provide new sector solutions in domains such as health analytics, a suite of point of sale solutions for the retail sector and high performance supply chain management services.

Better infrastructure through five new IP and Ethernet points of presence starting with India and Turkey, four Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNIs) with the first in Indonesia, and an enhanced satellite capability to support remote coverage and disaster recovery.

By hiring more people in the region, launching more competitive capabilities across a larger number of countries and delivering a differentiated service experience, BT will be in a strong position to capture opportunities in a total AMEA market evaluated at around 32 billion GBP. The combined geography is expected to generate 44 percent of the global GDP growth by 2025, with 3 billion people expected to enter the middle class over the next decade.

Luis Alvarez, chief executive officer, BT Global Services said, “In 2010 we launched our first phase of investments to accelerate our expansion in Asia Pacific. This has allowed us to generate strong growth in the region and to nearly triple the number of new Asia Pacific customers signing with us. We are investing again to further grow our business, in a wider region combining Asia Pacific with Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. We are doing this in close consultation with our customers.”

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