Base, Belgacom and Mobistar wins Belgium’s 800 MHz auction

BIPT (Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications) has successfully closed the 800 MHz auction by declaring Base Company, Belgacom and Mobistar as winners for 800 MHz auction.

Belgium’s three lots sold by auction have produced a total of Euro 360 million.

The auction started on 12 November 2013 and three licenses, each comprising of 2×10 MHz spectrum were auctioned. The minimum price per license was fixed at Euro 120 million.

The 800 MHz Auction Winners

Base Company    791-801/832-842 MHz    Euro 120 million

Belgacom    801-811/842-852 MHz    Euro 120 million

Mobistar    811-821/852-862 MHz    Euro 120 million

Belgium will assign the 800 MHz licenses to the candidates who have made the highest bid, as soon as it will have finished the full administrative procedure. The user rights acquired will be valid for a period of 20 years from notification of their granting to the successful candidates.

The 800 MHz band is extremely appropriate for indoor and rural coverage. The license conditions connected to the third lot (811-821/852-862 MHz) oblige to cover at least 98 percent of the total population in those municipalities where no operator has satisfactory 3G coverage yet, within three years’ time starting from the notification.

This 800 MHz band will be used to provide broadband electronic communications services of the fourth generation (4G) based on the LTE standard. In accordance with the terms of the license, clients of 800 MHz operators will have to have access to services and applications provided on public data transmission networks, especially on the Internet with a download speed of at least 3 Mbps.

Jack Hamande, chairman, BIPT Council said, “The development of the digital economy is essential to the economic growth and prosperity. With the result of the 4G auction another important step is taken to have all citizens enjoy the digital economy and so to reach the goal of the 2020 digital agenda. I am looking forward to seeing consumers make use of the numerous new applications made possible by 4G.”

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