Spirent Offers Test Solution For WiFi Offload, VoLTE

spirent-landslide-mwcSpirent Communications, during Mobile World Congress, launched new testing solutions for seamless offloading of voice from cellular networks to WiFi networks. The solution that also includes voice handover to LTE networks, has been added to Spirent’s existing Landslide application.

Spirent Landslide ensures that mobile operators can deliver reliable and seamless services to subscribers under fully loaded conditions. Mobile operators and equipment vendors can validate subscriber experience as they move between nationwide mobile networks, carrier Wi-Fi hot-spots and private wireless networks.

“Verifying that handover and service quality of experience between cellular and Wi-Fi networks is secure and efficient is a critical aspect of deploying services like Voice over Wi-Fi,” said John Baker, general manager, Mobility Infrastructure business unit at Spirent Communications.

Experts believe shifting voice calls from traditional cellular networks to WiFI or LTE will be critical in defining how telecom operators manage their networks and maintain their business prospects.

According to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), more traffic will be offloaded from cellular networks on to Wi-Fi than remains on cellular networks, by next year . And by 2017, 60 percent of cellular network traffic will be offloaded to Wi-Fi, the Wireless Broadband Association says. All this opens new opportunities and challenges for carriers as they prepare for the next-generation mobile infrastructure —one that seamlessly hands off subscribers between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

The Wi-Fi access point and offload gateway are critical elements in ensuring seamless and secure service handoff from the mobile network. The access point allows wireless devices to connect to the wireline network, while the offload gateway provides the bridge to the mobile packet core and is the relay point for authentication and carrier services.

“Unlike competitive solutions, Spirent Landslide tests the performance and scalability of the Wi-Fi access point, Wi-Fi offload gateway and the mobile core network, enabling authentication and handover scenarios to be verified,” Spirent said in a statement. The solution also provides quality of experience metrics, including network availability, call setup time, call drops and voice quality for Voice over Wi-Fi testing.

“The solution’s advanced test capability for mobile networks and services emulates millions of mobile subscribers traversing the network and using a mix of real-world of applications and services,” Spirent added.

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