Vodafone Spain Trial LTE Broadcast Technology

Vodafone-Spain-Trial-LTE-Broadcast-TechnologyVodafone Spain recently carried out LTE broadcast eMBMS (Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services) trial for the first time in Spain, allowing distribution of multimedia content to an unlimited number of users by reusing the existing 4G network.

This eMBMS solution in Vodafone’s network is one of the first in Europe and the most ambitious in the world, offering 5 channels in HD (High Definition) format.

This innovative technology trial, which is already available in the portfolio of Huawei and ready for commercial deployment, took place at Estadio Mestalla in Valencia. During the match Valencia vs Celta, a selection of users could have real time access to five channels of multimedia content from the game, by using smartphones that support the new eMBMS technology.

Jin Yong, managing director, Carrier, Huawei Spain said, “The implementation of this technology for broadcasting multimedia content, through Vodafone’s 4G network, reaffirms our leadership to provide ambitious and innovative technology solutions, the trust of our customers and our willingness to keep our contribution to a better connected world.”

The LTE broadcast technology reuses the current 4G LTE spectrum and allocates only a small fragment to the multicast purpose, which transmits multimedia content from a single source to multiple receivers. By using this end-to-end technical solution, the multichannel broadcast of diverse multimedia content such as sporting events, concerts, advertising, emergency bulletins or information on public security, among others can be performed.

LTE broadcast technology opens the door to the new concept of “Video Everywhere”, thanks to Huawei´s Hybrid Video solution that connects all contents with different access systems. This is the first step for users to enjoy all these contents from multiple network accesses (fixed or mobile), through their smartphones, tablets or smart TV, among other devices.

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