Vodafone Launches World’s First Cloud-based VoLTE network

Vodafone-Launches-World's-First-Cloud-based-VoLTE-NetworkVodafone has launched world’s first cloud-based VoLTE commercial network in Italy.

Huawei provided the VoLTE project with cloud-based IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) core applications and cloud-based EMS (Element Management System) together with MANO-VNFM (Management and Orchestration-Virtualized Network Function Management) and automatic O&M platform.

Huawei has deployed the cloud-based IMS core network and completed E2E (End to End) integrations for commercial deployment in a multi-vendor environment. As a prime system integrator, Huawei has also implemented IMS core vertical integration as well as traditional horizontal service integration.

Huawei is committed to establishing itself as NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) leader by providing the market with mature commercial solutions. As part of the SoftCom strategy for ICT transformation, Huawei’s CloudIMS portfolio proves its commitment to supporting customer efforts to address new technologies and business challenges.

This portfolio features NFV-compliant Core Network solutions that are interoperable with commercial Cloud OS and COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) infrastructures and designed for easy integration into the operator environment.

Huawei goes beyond virtualized applications to help operators solve vertical integration for multi-vendor scenarios, SLA (Service Level Agreement) assessment for real-time telecom services in the cloud environment, E2E fault location and detection, integrated management of the complete NFV application lifecycle, and other typical issues arising from cloud transformation.

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