Ruckus Launches Gigabit-class Broadband Bridging

Ruckus-Launches-Gigabit-class-Broadband-BridgingRuckus Wireless announced today the introduction of its new Ruckus ZoneFlex P300 bridge system, the industry’s first long-range, Gigabit-class, outdoor Smart WiFi bridging system.

By combining custom integrated directional technology with the new 802.11ac standard, the ZoneFlex P300 bridge system delivers blazingly fast broadband connectivity between locations miles away. With its internal antennas, it offers hundreds of megabits of performance at line of sight distances up to 8 kilometers, and over 20 kilometers with external antennas.

Featuring one of the industry’s most compact and lightest form factors, the ZoneFlex P300 bridge system supports RF capacity up to 867 Mbps. It is an ideal solution to easily extend broadband services, backhaul small cell traffic, or offer high-speed broadband connectivity to locations where fixed lines are limited or simply cost-prohibitive. Schools, hotels, warehouses and other outdoor environments can leverage the ZoneFlex P300 bridge system to save tens of thousands of dollars in annual broadband costs.

“With some 50 schools spread across 300 square miles, our Ruckus Smart WiFi bridges have paid for themselves,” said Dan Maclise, senior systems engineer, Lodi Unified School District (CA).

“We’ve been able to save thousands of dollars by avoiding monthly broadband costs at select sites where fiber connections just aren’t feasible. The performance and reliability of these Smart WiFi bridges effectively mirror traditional terrestrial lines, but at a fraction of the cost and complexity. It’s been amazing,” commented Maclise.

“With such a compact and sleek form factor, the P300 is a wireless work of art, representing one of the most advanced WiFi bridging solutions on the market today,” said Greg Beach, vice president, product management, Ruckus Wireless.

The ZoneFlex P300 bridge system is designed specifically for high-density user environments such as school campuses, business parks, warehousing environments, urban centers, parks and other outdoor venues where reliable, high performance broadband access is essential.

Each ZoneFlex P300 bridge integrates a specially designed 5 GHz, dual-polarized directional antenna system that provides up to 14dBi of antenna gain.

The Ruckus ZoneFlex P300 bridge system provides 30 degrees of coverage from one root bridge with internal antennas to handle many receiving bridges, or 360 degrees of coverage with external antennas. In addition, the ZoneFlex P300 bridge system features a dedicated sniffer radio for radar avoidance pre-scan, resulting in high availability of WiFi traffic.

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