HKT to demonstrate Inter-site CA at MWC

HKT-to-Demonstrate-Inter-site-CA-at-MWCHKT will demonstrate the world’s first IP RAN based inter-site carrier aggregation (CA) for LTE-Advanced at the 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC), with the maximum data rates of 300 Mbps.

This solution utilizes Huawei’s unique inter-site CA solution, based on IP RAN backhaul. It aggregates 2 bands to bear LTE services, which greatly expands the CA coverage, creating a better mobile broadband experience. Subscribers are able to enjoy HD video and download files wherever they may be.

With Hong Kong’s relatively high population density, wireless network construction is extremely complicated and the market is highly competitive. HKT began providing LTE services in 2012 and committed itself to continuing the deployment of advanced technology and being Hong Kong’s leading LTE network in terms of performance. HKT adopts 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz dual-band and is the first operator to provide 300 Mbps peak rate in Hong Kong.

LTE-A can significantly improve the performance of LTE networks. The deployment of the LTE-A network performed in 2014 was not only for the enhancement of the brand, but also to provide essential network performance enhancements. Because high-band and low-band coverage is quite different from one another, there are many CA coverage holes in a traditional carrier aggregation network. Subscribers are unable to enjoy a consistent high quality experience.

Huawei Single RAN LTE E2E solution uses the industry’s exclusive IP-based backhaul CA (carrier aggregation technology), with industry-leading time synchronization and compensation techniques. The inter-site CA in IP RAN backhaul greatly expands the coverage of CA, providing an outstanding user experience.

With the number of LTE subscribers growing rapidly, services become increasingly diversified and demanding, imposing higher requirements on mobile networks. In a multi-band LTE network, Huawei’s IPRAN backhaul based carrier aggregation technology, not only eliminates CA-covered holes, but also provides users with a consistent quality experience. As the LTE-A ecosystem matures, LTE-A commercialization will boom in 2015.

Wang Jun, president, FDD, Huawei said, “We are very pleased to jointly demonstrate the world’s first IP RAN based inter-site carrier aggregation solution with HKT, which is of extraordinary significance in providing excellent experiences for the end users and promoting the development of LTE industry.”

Peter Lam, managing director, Engineering, HKT said, “We are honored to have this cooperation with Huawei pioneering the inter-site carrier aggregation solution for uplifting user experience in mobile broadband. The solution also enables us to be at the forefront of LTE development relieving the restriction of co-site requirement of carrier aggregation.”

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