China Telecom Sichuan launch 4K ultra-HD iTV service

China-Telecom-Sichuan-launch-4K-ultra-HD-iTV-serviceChina Telecom Sichuan today announced the successful launching of the first commercial 4K ultra-HD iTV network service in China.

China Telecom Sichuan and Huawei have also jointly released a 4K ultra-HD intelligent smart set top box (STB), making China Telecom Sichuan the first telecommunications company in China to use 4K STBs for carrying video services.

Huawei and China Telecom Sichuan first began their partnership to develop IP video services three years ago. By combining fiber broadband, 4K ultra-HD video capabilities, and a 4K ultra-HD network construction, the new 4K ultra-HD iTV service promises better quality of picture, smooth experience of 4K video and full guarantee with super network.

Huawei and China Telecom Sichuan specially adopted the H.265 video coding standard for a better user experience and also deployed leading technologies to optimize the code stream, coding quality, delay and algorithm complexity.

With 4K ultra-HD services requiring more intelligent processing than traditional service platforms, Internet Protocol TV and CDN platforms have also been integrated to achieve intelligent acceleration, distribution and scheduling to safeguard 4K services.

Additionally, speed acceleration for metropolitan and backbone networks has enabled the entire network to transmit 100G optical services and 400G Internet protocol services. The tail end network is optimized to support 100M fiber to the home.

In addition, China Telecom Sichuan has deployed an engineer-to-engineer network quality detection system to support visualized management of video services, which ensures the experience of 4K signals and thereby improves the user experience.

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