Atos teams up with OpenCloud for WiFi Calling

Atos-teams-up-with-OpenCloud-for-WiFi-CallingAtos has teamed up with service-layer innovator OpenCloud to extend the reach and strength of its innovative WiFi Calling solution.

Atos’ WiFi Calling application will run on OpenCloud’s Rhino service delivery platform to reduce complexity and speed up time-to-market.

Telecom service providers can benefit from the advantages of Atos and OpenCloud WiFi Calling solution to enhance customer loyalty, boost indoor coverage, and offload traffic from 3G networks. WiFi Calling is an addition to Atos current Telco Networks Products portfolio and ready for immediate adoption.

Building on their long-standing partnership, Atos and OpenCloud are bringing this exciting WiFi Calling solution to market. Atos will act as prime contractor and the provider of the end-to-end WiFi Calling solution strengthened with partnerships such as Lydrasoft for the mobile device client.
OpenCloud provides the Rhino service delivery platform, on which the multi-domain call control products of Atos are built and deployed. WiFi Calling is tightly integrated in the operators’ network infrastructure and has the benefit – over VoIP applications – of providing enhanced quality and reliability. It also has the advantage of offering a seamless user experience.

Customers can make calls using the same interfaces on their phones, the same mobile number, and have access to the same services such as phone book and voice mail.

Christopher Dulya, VP, Telco Network Products, Atos said, “WiFi Calling is a disruptive technology that has the potential to become second nature for mobile users in the short term. We see evidence that many CSPs across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia are now strongly considering launching WiFi Calling and they require the fastest possible time-to-market to gain competitive advantage.”

“Atos has the ambition, the market knowledge and the technology to make that a reality. OpenCloud’s Rhino platform allows our products to be developed quickly and flexibly, giving us all of the complex functionality required while maintaining Telco-grade performance and reliability,” commented Dulya.

Michael Aspinall, VP, Global Sales at OpenCloud said, “Voice remains a central pillar for CSPs and finding new ways to add value to that service is critical. OpenCloud provides an open, virtualisable service-layer to enable such innovation across all generations of communication network. It’s great to see partners such as Atos leverage OpenCloud’s products to rapidly create and deploy advanced communication solutions. WiFi Calling is a solution that can deliver value and competitive advantage.”

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