Smartron tPhone P Review : A Power-packed Phone At Budget Price

If there is a smartphone brand that lives up to its promises, I would place Smartron on top of the list. The Hyderabad based technology startup has, so far, launched only 4 products – a hybrid laptop called Smartron tBook, and three smartphones – Smartron tPhone, Smartron SRT Phone and Smartron tPhone P. And all these gadgets have their uniqueness in the market and offered exactly what they promised.

While the tBook was a classic hybrid laptop with unmatched performance, besides its ultra modern looks, the tPhone is way different than its peers in the market in premium segment and stands out in the crowd. (Read the tPhone review here). The SRT Phone is a mass market product with premium-like features and performance, yet was pocket friendly. The phone was specially produced to cater to Sachin Tendulkar’s fans who wished a pocket-friendly yet an un-comprimised smartphone.The company had then said the SRTPhone was Sachin’s tribute his fans. (Read the SRT Phone review here)

The tPhone P is Smartron’s latest smartphone built on the line of its first smartphone – the tPhone. From the word go, the Smartron tPhone P had promised to offer more ‘power’ to its device. And it did as promised. The tPhone P comes with a mammoth 5000 mAh battery.

Smartron tPhone P : Look & Feel

While the fist tPhone came with a 5.5 inch size, the tPhone P comes in 5.2 inch size and easier to handle than its previous premium avatar. Though it looks bit bulky because of a huge battery inside it, the phone, I would say, is smartly built. It feels slim and sleek, easy to manage and adheres to the look and feel of current generation 5.2 inch smartphones.

The phone has just two physical keys – one for power on/off and the other is a volume rocker. The power-on key is smaller in size than the volume rocker and is differentiated by its coarse finish. You can feel it in the dark to identify from the other key. The front panel of the phone has the sensors, the ear piece and the selfie camera at the top. There are three soft keys – home, back and task tray – at the bottom. The speaker grille and power socket are at the bottom edge of the tPhone P.

The back panel houses the camera, LED flash and finger print sensor. The company’s name, logo and the name of the smartphone – tPhone P – are also placed at the back panel. It is also written that the phone is ‘Powered by tronX’ – the company’s IoT technology platform for all connected devices.

Overall, the Smartron tPhone P has a metal frame and the display is protected with Corning Gorilla glass. The phone has round corners unlike its previous avatar.

The Smaryron tPhone P is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 octacore processor coupled with 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage space. The storage space or internal memory can be expanded up to 128 GB using micro SD cards. The phone as hybrid dual SIM slot, means one can use one SIM card and one SD card, or, can put two SIM cards. If you put two SIM cards, you do not have option to extend the internal memory using micro SD cards anymore. Smartphone, however, offers 1000 GB of cloud space for all its smartphones.

There is one more problem with the dual SIM slot in this phone. Though both the SIM slots are 4G capable, you can use only one 4G service at a time, not on both. This baffles me about its modem design.

The phone has got two cameras – one at the rear and one at the front. The rear one is a 13 megapixel snapper that comes with f/2.2 aperture and features like time lapse, beautify and HDR. The phone also offer many customisations. One can activate the front touch screen to take photos by tappint on to it. This also can be done by touching the finger print sensor or the touch kety on the camera app. The volume rocker can be used to zoom in or zoom out.

The rear or primary camera, however, disappoints in terms of quality of pictures. Though it takes equally good pictures as compared to peers in the market in the same price category, but buyers’ expectation are increasing irrespective of price of the phone. A smartphone brand has no option but to consider this aspect.

The front camera that got a 5 megapixel snapper performs better compared to the back camera.

The Power Part
The ‘P’ in the Smartron tPhone P stands for power and the company refers to its battery power. The device comes with 5000 mAh battery, a huge improvement over the first tPhone that came with 3000 mAh battery. There are many smartphones in the market that come with 5000 mAh battery across price segments. But one thing surprised me in the tPhone P. The power back up this device gives is way more than what other devices with similar battery size gives. On a rigorous testing period, the fully charged tPhone P lasted more than 49 hours. The phone was hooked to the internet 24×7, played video – both offline and from the internet, used as hotspot, navigation, and then regular stuffs like calling, texting and camera etc.

After 49 hours the phone was left with 3% battery. This is significant. On standby mode, the Smartron tPhone P lasted more than 10 days.

One more interesting aspect of the phone is it can be used to charge other devices. The only drawback is, the battery takes a longer time to charge – around 4 hours. It’s because Smartphone has not provided fast charging with this device.

The Smartron tPhone P is bang there where it wanted to be and does exactly what it wanted to – offer maximum battery power. The biggest complain of current generation of smartphone users is the power back up of their phones. And they are constantly looking for phones or gadgets that can keep them charged enough so they can remain connected with the internet as long as possible.

No one uses the camera or maps or WiFi hotspots all the time. But what customers do all the time is accessing internet or consuming data- for email, social media, video, data news, fun etc – all the time. And they need a reliable power back up for that. They already have their data plans sorted. And if a handset offers enough of battery juice, consumers are more likely to go for that brand.

At a price of Rs 7,999 the Smartron tPhone P is well placed to woo these set of customers, and that too without compromising on performance.

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