Smartron SRT Phone : A Well Behaved, High-performing And Reliable phone

Smartron SRT Phone is a decent looking, well behaved, high-performing and reliable phone – just like the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar

Indian smartphone market is too crowded now and one needs to demonstrate certain character to stand out, and Smartron, the Hyderabad based technology firm, is certainly showing the best of it when it comes to bring out a new product in the market.

After launching couple of products – the, a hybrid laptop and the, a smartphone – last year, the Sachin Tendulkar backed technology firm has launched a mass market smartphone, the SRT Phone, in the Indian market.

While the earlier two devices were premium ones, why the company launched a mass market product in the form of SRT Phone? Well, Smartron’s co-founder and Chairman Mahesh Lingareddy says the phone was in fact the brain child of the cricket legend himself. Sachin wanted a phone that his millions of fans can connect with and also can own it.

Then, let’s see if the SRT Phone matches the expectations of his fans across the globe!

SRT Phone Tech Specs : 5.5 inch full HD LCD display, 4 GB RAM, Snapdragon 652 octacore processor, 32GB/64GB internal storage, 13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera, NFC, Finger print sensor, dual SIM LTE, Type-C USB, Fast Charging, 3000 mAh battery

Look & Feel

The Smartron SRT Phone is a 5.5 inch device with full HD display having 1080×1920 pixel resolution with 441 PPI ratio. The display is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection and the company claims the phone is so sturdy that it beats all other smartphones in this category in drop or fall tests.

Design wise, the phone is built on a faux-metallic body with a removable back cover. Though removable back cover is not the trend now with almost no manufacture goes for this, the SRT Phone brings the removable back cover for a purpose. The purpose is to offer the buyers the chance to change the back cover with multiple of Sachin Tendulkar branded back covers. After all, its called a SRT Phone, you got to see or feel some sort of ‘Sachin’ in it!

The phone has got two physical buttons – the volume rocker and the power button. While the volume rocker was placed on the left side of the phone, the power button is placed on the top of the device. This is, simply, irritating as practically it becomes very uncomfortable to use that button on a 5.5 inch device. More so, this physical button is the most used button of a device as a consumer uses this button multiple times a day. Wish, Smartron would have done little more R&D on this feature!

The speaker grill and the charging port, a Type-C, are placed on the bottom while the audio jack is on the top. The back panel holds the camera module as well as the finger print sensor.

The phone comes in just one color- grey but it looks absolute elegant in the metallic finish. One can also add the Sachin branded back covers to beautify the look of the SRT Phone.

Overall, the phone looks decent but I wished Smartron should have retained its signature design that it had brought with Smartron That phone looked really different and always stood out from the crowd with hundreds of Chinese brands.


The SRT Phone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 octa core processor and comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage capacity. The company also launched another variant of the SRT Phone with 32 GB internal storage. The best part is the company offers unlimited cloud storage at its own t.Cloud should a user requires more storage space beyond the 64 GB inbuilt into the smartphone.

In terms of processing power, Smartron has used the best possible processor for that price range, and when coupled with 4GB RAM, it offers a premium kind of performance. The company has not done any compromise in this aspect though it was meant for mass adoption.

The phone worked at a blazing fast speed with no glitches felt yet i,e after 2 months of use. The company offered a clutter free UI and the phone runs on Android Nougat 7.1.1. The phone’s signal reception appeared better compared to some of its peers in the market. At most of the poor signal areas we found the SRT Phone got better connectivity, thanks to its antenna design.

Battery heating during charging or usage is a big issue for many of the smartphones available in the market, including the premium ones. However, we did not find such issue with the SRT Phone. The phone’s body temperature did not increase even after 5 hours of straight use – 2 movies played back to back over 4G network.


The phone features 13 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and PDAF feature. It also has a 5 megapixel front camera that comes with wide angle lens.


The primary camera created good images in all conditions. In well-lit condition, the images are as sharp as any camera in the premium smartphones. At times, mostly in colored environments, the SRT Phone brought out better results than some of the premium phone cameras. However, with low-light, the performance of the camera deteriorates. Wish, Smartron had offered a dual LED lens. The autofocus was error free and instant.


The Smartron SRT Phone carries a 3000 mAh battery and comes with fast charging feature. The phone sports Type C port and OTG support. Though the device is short in terms of  on-book battery power of just 3000 mAh, it gave better backup than a 4000 mAh battery I compared. Both the devices were put to use at battery power of 45% and after a usage of 6 continuous hours of same application (video playback), the SRT Phone still retained 9% of battery while the other device, with 4000 mAh battery, retained just 3%.

We, however, did not check the standby time of the SRT Phone battery as, we believe, standby time does not make any sense anymore. Smartphones are not meant to be stand by, they should be running all the time!

In Our Money..

After a prolonged use of the device, we can safely say that the Smartron SRT Phone is a decent looking, well behaved, high-performing and reliable phone – just like the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Many a phones of these era start behaving differently in the long run (say, a months time) compared to when they are launched. However, the SRT Phone was as stable as new.

While the phone did not offer any technical glitches or showed no performance issue, we believe, Smartron needs to put little more money in its R&D department, and can improve the design of its future phones.

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