Interview with Mr. Tor Odland, Vice President, Communications, Telenor Group

“We are planning to make available full range of services for commercial launch in 2014”

Have you issued order to Ericsson, Huawei for wireless infrastructure and Wipro for IT  requirement related to Telenor Myanmar license?
The three companies have been selected to support Telenor’s efforts to deliver a state-of-the-art telecommunications network in Myanmar. Formal agreements with the companies will be finalized when Telenor potentially receives its operating license.

When are you planning to convert your LoI into operating license?
We were a successful applicant and we are now in final negotiations with the Government of Myanmar for the license agreement. If we come to an agreement we will be granted the license.

What is the capital investment planned by Telenor Myanmar in the next two years?  
We are in a negotiation process and we are not in a position to disclose capital investment by Telenor Myanmar.

What is the order value of Ericsson, Huawei and Wipro orders?
We are not in a position to disclose order value.

The company has started recruitment drive in August. What is the number of people you plan to recruit in 2013?
The initial hiring is for 1,000 people. We are planning to recruit Myanmar citizens living in Myanmar and outside. We are also open to applications from other nationalities.

How many subscribers are you planning to connect in year one and services you plan to deploy?
We are planning to achieve nationwide coverage in 5 years. We are planning to make available full range of services (voice and data) for commercial launch in 2014.

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