Interview with Rahul Sharma, Director, YU Televentures

rahul-sharma-YuYU Televentures, that recently launched Yureka branded smartphones in the market, is also interested in the M2M business and will shortly bring few products in the same space. TeleAnalysis caught up with its dynamic Director and the man behind  ‘YU’ – Rahul Sharma.



Q. When Micromax was there, why ‘YU’?

Micromax was certainly there but we wanted to create something different. We wanted to create a new brand, a new community and we wanted to cater to the uber digital citizen. We wanted to develop a complete ecosystem. YU as a brand, as its name suggests, ‘Y’ comes from you and ‘U’ comes from us, its all about how we ‘both’ create something for ourselves. There are people who want to create features for themselves, there are people who want to empower their devices, there are people who care about the performance and security of their devices, no one was doing anything for them. We thought, we’ll start that with YU. We’ll build a community who will create features for themselves, they will build apps for themselves.

Q. Even you could have done that with Micromax, why a new company?

Well, as I said, its all about catering to the tech natives, the digital citizens, the empowered people who want to create something of their own, for themselves. Its a complete new idea. Its all about customization and that’s why we partnered with Cyanogen. Micromax, since inception, is doing great and will keep on doing good in future too but we are new concept, a new identity. It

Q. What is the holding pattern of YU? Who are its directors?

Its a 100% subsidiary of Micromax, besides this, everything is separate. We are a different identity, a separate team, a separate group of people and a separate office. We have the same directors as that of Micromax.

Q. Will it be focusing just on smartphones or feature phones as well?

No, this company will be all about connected devices. Smartphones is just the beginning. You can think of any connected device and thats in our plan. We will enter into connected device and M2M space and will build that community.

Q. Why Cyanogen and not Android?

Well, we wanted to be different and wanted to offer our customers something very new and very different. Having said that, let me also tell you that Cyanogen is a great OS, having more than 10,000 developers. So, you are not getting an OS where 10 developers or a thousand developers working, here is an OS with more than 10,000 developers working for that community. So you can imagine the richness of this OS.

Q. Like Micromax, will YU also focus on Indian market or there are plans to go overseas?

YU is a global brand and it will not just focus in India. We will venture out for sure but when and which are the countries we’ll spread out, we’ll inform you when the time is right. But certainly we’ll go global. That’s our ambition. We are a baby now, just born, let us crawl for some time. And when we are ready to run, we will run.

Q. A 5.5 inch fully loaded 4G smartphone at Rs8,999. How come you are able to bring down the price to such low level, or is that the right price and other vendors are charging a premium?

On a lighter note, that is for me to know and you to find out (laughs). First, we wanted to empower the user and gave enough punch power to them. So  its all about our users. We have not made any compromises on the quality of the components or features, rather we have much better features than our competitors.

Q.  YU has come up with a novel after-sales concept – service at the door step. Can you elaborate please?

Well, we came up with this idea as we felt there is a mismatch in the current online sell set up. Why do you sell online and offer service offline? We will sell online and service online too. In case of need, you raise a ticket on our complaints board and our service guy will come to your door step and repair or do whatever it needed for the device, then  and there. If the device is beyond repair at the door step, the customer will be offered a replacement by the service guy.



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  1. Manpreet Badyal says:

    The whole philosophy behind YU is different than what is for Micromax. It has built a contrasting identity for it which ppl recognise and respect! Yuphoria is a specimen of it

  2. Ronak khandelwal says:

    YUPHORIA comes with a great quality…new revolution in the Indian market for low budget buyers.

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