Interview with Mr. David Furstenberg, Chairman, NovelSat

We are in talks with teleport operators like Bharti, Hughes and Tatanet for mobile backhaul” – David Furstenberg, Chairman, NovelSat

Are you looking at the Indian market for NovelSat products?
We are just starting to look into the Indian market. 4-5 years we focused on developing technology and for the last two years have been focusing on sales. We started in the US, Europe, other markets in APAC. Once we have done other markets, India is an interesting market in the world due to its sheer size of the industry, size of the land, number of people, diversity of people, language and culture. It seems to be a heaven for TV services. The shortage of satellite and bandwidth unlike many markets in terms of 3G and 4G and data give us an opportunity to be there and help in the natural growth of these networks. This type of situation gels very well with our technology be it small link, medium link or high link as one can pay as grow. As you grow, the technology can be upgraded remotely. We plan to focus on cellular players and cable TV players and hope to grow as the market grows.

What is your target market in India?
We are talking to different players like: video broadcasters, digital news gathering, data and GSM backhaul players. GSM backhaul and data market is ready to accept our product as it benefits them to meet their requirement. It is also important that while we are just starting to work in India, the Indian population is enjoying our technology by watching NBA, London Olympics, Formula 1, Premier League of England, Games of Barcelona, Euro Cup, Euro League and others.

Broadcasters are using Novelsat as first it helps in providing more capacity gain. Second, our equipment is much more reliable and robust than existing equipment in the market place. Third, our product is more reliable as it is more robust and can handle channel impairment in a much better way. Even, in terms of jamming and interface, the technology performs 15dB better and in phase noise it is 3dB better.

Our 36 MHz transponders can support 54-60 E1s whereas our competitors cannot go beyond 36 E1s.

How does your solution help in tackling mobile backhaul solution for operators?
We have started discussion with teleport operators like Bharti, Hughes and Tatanet for mobile backhaul. Long distance providers can provide GSM backhaul. On the data side, all the major operators have international gateway and all these are potential customers and we have initiated dialogue with these providers. We are working on number of deals and in the next 12 months we are planning to close no of meaningful deals.

For digital news gathering, we are also providing modem for video DNSG (digital news gathering). The modem can be installed in the van and it will enable the client to control the equipment remotely and also provide VoIP coverage for Internet and Intranet services to the voice. One can also have correspondent feedback from the studio together and one can use two cameras and use HD cameras. All this helps in gaining much more than what one can transmit and providing additional comfort without any additional bandwidth.

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