Interview with Aman Sahani, CEO, Slopho Infotech

Aman_Slopho“The corporates are not happy with social media engagement be it Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as they are not benefiting, Slopho provides them an opportunity”

Aman Sahani, CEO, is a 19 year old doing under graduation in Economics from Delhi University. He  launched SloPho, India’s first web portal based on ‘White Label marketing’ which involves creating layers of interaction with corporate’s existing and prospective customers. is based on a new self-devised approach called ‘3CP’ standing for Corporate, Customer and Collaborative platform.

He has also Co-founded, a portal which will make start ups efficient whereby they are able to organize and manage their work, reach out to investors and share files in real-time. The site is presently under beta testing.

What was the reason for starting Slopho?
The prime reason was security as consumers are not willing to share few things on social media say photos and videos to their network but they want to be selective. The corporates are not happy with social media engagement be it Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as they are not benefiting, Slopho provides them an opportunity and is useful for both retail and corporate customers. Slopho is all about slogan and photo and is focused more on youth under the age group of 17-23. Corporates are able to drive their business by building their brand and consumers can be selective about photos and videos.

How has been the last one year for Slopho?  
Slopho is planning to complete one year on 14th February. It has been great one year, as we have signed up with Airtel Nigeria, OMLogic Consulting, Silvertouch, University Express, Indian Youth Economic Association and others. For the corporates, we help them build and interact with customers through events around photos. We have around 70,000 registered users and new subscribers are getting added every month.

We have recently given a new look to Slopho making it more interactive, more user friendly and also have rolled out new features. We are also opening up professional services for amateur photographers, fashion designers and others. We have also launched video integration and size of video will be as per international norms and there would be no problems with buffering.

On the mobile app we are first focusing on Android and then iOS. On the team composition, we have Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy as advisors for Slopho. Kapil Gupta and Nivedan Sahani are key team members for Slopho.

Are you talking to investors for funding and what is the funding amount?
Slopho is focusing on markets like APAC, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and US and we are looking at good institutional investment. We are planning to close investment in the first half of this year. we are in talks with Indian investors and Silicon Valley based firms. In terms of investment, we are looking at $10 million investment over 5 years.

What’s your USP and who are your competitors?
Our USP is to provide servers within the country thereby meeting local regulation as the country’s data reside in that country. Second, we have personalized approach towards corporates where everything can be personalized and even color scheme can be customized as per their brand making them feel that it is their own platform. Third, it helps corporates to run their marketing campaign on Slopho thereby helping them gain insight about the user.

In terms of competitors it is social media players like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In case of collaborative platform, it is Wildfire Driving Engagement which was bought by Google.

How are you planning to bring value for corporates?
We are looking at driving and building corporate community. Dhampur Sugar Mill has done 4 contest and even sponsored delightful Christmas content. Airtel Nigeria did a beta testing for 3 months and then promoted it on their Twitter handle and Facebook. They also promoted it through local e-dailies and e-newsletter and they have benefited a lot. We are getting repeat customers and repeat engagement. We are also devising a model to tie up with telcos.

How do you plan to increase members as it will help in getting more sponsors as well as increased revenue for Slopho?
Membership will increase through subscription and corporate campaigns. We are working very closely with corporates to run their campaigns. We are also collaborating with telcos for revenue sharing models. In days to come, we will scale up our marketing activity on all mediums be it TV, Internet, radio, digital media and Facebook integration.

What’s your plan on revenue?   
The projected revenue for FY 2014-15 would be around $25 million subject to investment in place and we are looking to sign around 100 corporates in India by FY 2014-15.

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