Interview with Akshay Aggarwal, general manager, MediaTek Bangalore

“We expect 4G handsets to be launched in India based on MediaTek 6595 and 6795 chipsets in 2015”

MediaTek is planning to invest $200 million in India by what time frame?
MediaTek is planning to invest $200 million in India over the next five years.

What will be the focus of Bengaluru center and Noida center in terms of work?
Bengaluru center will focus on chip design, modem software and connectivity software to begin with whereas Nodia center will focus on software development for mobile phone and connectivity and they will continue with these areas.

What are you planning to do in connectivity and home entertainment. Please explain?
We are doing bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC and support these activities from India or other center, depending upon customer requirements.

What are you planning to do in 4G and IoT (Internet of Things). Please explain?
The Bengaluru center focuses on cutting edge and emerging technologies like LTE and IoT. In LTE, the focus is on chip design and modem software. IoT is a new area so we are still under discussion stage.

What is the total employee base in the country and what’s the plan for headcount increase in the next two years?
Noida center has around 200 people and will continue to grow. Bengaluru will have 100 people by the end of the year and 500 within 2-4 years depending upon business needs. The company is planning to use internal resources as well as outsourced resources, depending upon how the business takes off.

How do you plan to compete with Qualcomm?
MediaTek has shown strong revenue growth and has achieved $3.4 billion in Ist half of 2014. The company has product offering across all segments be it premium and entry segment cutting across all verticals say home entertainment and connectivity, LTE, IoT and mobile phone. We will drive our growth even further and focus on new opportunities as and when they come up.

What’s happening on LTE?
Vodafone and Alcatel OneTouch has launched 4G phone based on MediaTek processor and plans are to ship 30 million chipsets by the end of this year.

Are you talking to Indian mobile brands to launch 4G handsets in the country?
In India, we are in discussions with mutiple mobile brands in the country. We are commercially ready and we expect 4G handsets to be launched in India based on MediaTek 6595 and 6795 chipsets in 2015. MediaTek is also planning to make LTE announcement in India in the next couple of months.

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