Why do we need a robust Wi-Fi network? By: Samiksh Aggarwal, Asst. VP, Sales (Data Networks), Elitecore

With people always on Internet, robust Wi-Fi is the need of the hour for sufficient Internet coverage and bandwidth 

Internet-on-the-go and mobile technology is much in demand today. People prefer to stay connected always because of which wireless Internet is gaining continuous acceleration. With this, enterprises requires a comprehensive solution offering access gateways, billing system, bandwidth management, load balancing and subscriber management to deliver optimum services.

Introduction of smartphones have completely changed Wi-Fi demand in the country. Wi-Fi market is expanding tremendously in all industry sectors and its demand is also increasing. With the expansion of Wi-Fi technology and increasing use of public Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, it has become the most widely used wireless technology in the world.

Today, Wi-Fi is considered as the most primary form of Internet connectivity for routine usage from mobile devices. It’s not just about smartphones, people also prefer to stay connected when they are travelling through their laptops and tablet devices. The main reason behind tremendous growth of Wi-Fi market space is the quality of surfing experience delivered by it on the mobile networks.

According to the latest market trends, most businesses are planning to increase Wi-Fi capacity by at least 20 percent in 2014. The major reason of this increase is to support mobile devices and BYOD (bring your own devices) users. Wi-Fi technology is also capturing large market space because most of the enterprises consider it as a smart solution useful to improve network performance while web traffic is continuously growing worldwide.

To provide flawless wireless Internet service to users, enterprises need solutions with bandwidth control, user management, billing management and access gateway features. Moreover, enterprises are also facing fluctuating network load problem because of high Internet traffic.

With extensive growth of active Wi-Fi adoption among mobile devices, enterprises integrate a comprehensive solution for delivering best Internet services to the end-users. To ensure best customer experience and seamless network connection there is dependency on few things – sufficient bandwidth, sufficient Internet coverage, minimum interference and ease of usage.

The set of features that are necessary to deliver robust connectivity over Wi-Fi are: Placing wireless access points optimally to make wi-fi connection available in all areas; Advanced billing system supported by pulse-based rating helping enterprises to scale all their users and deliver high-quality services; Bandwidth manager for allocating bandwidth based on time or data usage; Subscriber management feature helps in managing unlimited number of users in a network; and strong security features to protect devices from data leakage.

Keeping data secured and managing bandwidth effectively are the two most major concerns that should be considered with increasing growth of mobility. All this will help Wi-Fi growth in the country in couple of years as they are complementary to wireless networks be it 3G or 4G network.

By: Samiksh Aggarwal is assistant vice president, Sales (Data Networks), Elitecore and is heading 24online line of business worldwide. Samiksh is responsible for the global sales, channel management, pre-sales, support & marketing operations of 24online product line. He has vast experience in product sales and partner management and successfully led a strong team and captured major market share in India, MEA, Europe & APAC, driving 24online product line to global market reach.

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