Digital School Curriculum : Isha Ambani’s Next Disruption For Jio

If disruptions at 4G services and 4G feature phone levels were not enough for you, then wait for the next big disruption from Reliance Jio – digital school curriculum. The Mukesh Ambani-led firm is planning to put school syllabuses across the country in a digital format and serve it through a tablet.

Kids’ books will now be transformed in to a tablet! And the project, sources said, is being spearheaded by Isha Ambani, Mukesh Ambani’s daughter and a board member in Reliance Jio.

The service roll out, according to people in the know, would start from the next academic session or from April, 2018.

Digital School Curriculum : What Is The Plan

The digital school curriculum is a part of Reliance Jio’ enterprise offerings. In this plan the company wants to put the syllabuses of all educational boards- NCERT, CBSE, ICSE and state boards- in digital format and it will pan from Class 1 to class XII. Once the digitization is ready, the company is going to partner with the respective boards as well as the affiliated educational institutes and schools to start imparting education through digital diaries and tablets.

“More than 40,000 schools have already agreed and signed agreements with us for the same,” a source, wished not to be quoted for the story, informed.

The source also said the digital school curriculum project is going on a rapid pace and ‘most probably’ the service will be rolled out by next session.

Its Isha Ambani’s Call


The source told us that in a strategy meeting held last year, much before the Jio 4G launch, key stake holders were asked to bring in their new ideas. One of the ideas, put forth by Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani who is also in the board of Reliance Jio, was to use technology and broadband in bettering the way education is imparted in schools.

Though the company had already planned to use these technologies in higher educational institutes by setting up WiFi hotspots, but they were limited to providing broadband services only.

Isha Ambani, the source added, suggested to bring the same service to  schools – primary, secondary and senior secondary – and expand the service possibilities beyond just broadband. The source, who is currently a part of the project also said that the Isha latter came up with a detailed project report on the digitization of school curriculum project, which was unanimously approved.

How It Will Be Offered

Reliance Jio is digitizing every book of each school. Though it sounds humongous at first, things will become easier as syllabus is digitized as that can be replicated to multiple schools with minor changes. Each school’s curriculum will then be customized depending on the school’s pedagogy.

The books, now in a digital format, will be available as pre-loaded material in tablets which will be offered by Reliance Jio.

“Our tablets are ready and testing from all aspects like user-friendliness, touch sensitivity and weight etc, is complete,” the source added.

The tablets are sourced from multiple vendors including those who manufactured the Jio LYF phones.

The tablets, besides the course material, will also have information on subject and class wise teaching staff, time table, extra curricular activity details etc.

“The tablets will also be used for internal school examinations,” the source added.

Service Will Be Dirt Cheap

Of late school education have become too expensive, especially in private schools. Besides the tuition fee and admission charges, cost of books and accessories have also gone up. Jio wants to make it affordable for everyone.

“That apart look at the weight the kids are carrying in form of their school bags,” informs the source. “That’s too going to change with this.”

The digital school curriculum, when launches, will be unexpectedly cheap, just like Jio’s other offerings like 4G service or its Jio Phone.

The source informed that the access device or the tablets could even be provided free of cost and the school books could be charged as subscription basis.

Reliance Jio, with this school curriculum digitization, is also planning to put a digital library in the tablet which can be accessed by the school students depending their grade or standard by paying a nominal fee.



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