Reliance Jio Nets 500,000 4G Subscribers; Data Consumption Is 18 GB/Month

Reliance-Jio-Nets-500,000-4G-Subscribers;-Data-Usage-Is-18-GB-Per-MonthReliance Jio launched 4G services on a trial basis on 28th December 2015 and it presently has a pan-India base of more than 500,000 subscribers.

RJIL has launched full scale service offerings for RIL group employees, partners, vendors and associates on a trial basis on 28th December 2015 and over half a million users are now using Jio’s network.

All the digital applications have also been tested extensively and the average monthly data consumption per user is in excess of 18 GB within the first month of service and is increasing rapidly. Average voice usage is over 250 minutes within the first month.

This test program will be progressively upgraded into commercial operations in the coming months.

RJIL aims to provide anytime, anywhere access to innovative and empowering digital content, applications and services, thereby propelling India into global leadership in digital economy.

RJIL‟s customer offering is built on four key strategic dimensions viz widest coverage of LTE services, substantially superior network quality, transformational data capacity and affordable services. RJIL’s deployment of LTE, FTTH and Wi-Fi will make high speed broadband access widely available to customers across India.

This type of broadband access network offers high capacity, low latency services at an affordable price, a first for most Indian customers. RJIL will enable IP-centric and content focused services, with the ability to offer rich, multimedia communication and digital services.

RJIL is the first telecom operator to hold pan India Unified License. It holds 751.10 MHz of liberalised spectrum across the 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz bands. In addition, RJIL has entered into agreements with RCOM for change in spectrum allotment in the 800 MHz band from RCOM to RJIL across 9 circles and sharing of spectrum in the 800 MHz band across 17 circles.

This arrangement will be extended to the balance circles as well subsequent to pending approvals from the government, such that RJIL will have pan-India spectrum in the 800 MHz band in addition to 2300 MHz band. Only RJIL is using sub-GHz spectrum band for LTE services in the country today.

The combined spectrum footprint across frequency bands provides significant network capacity and deep in-building coverage for RJIL. Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL), a subsidiary of RIL is rolling out a state-of-the-art pan India digital services business.

In addition to fixed and wireless broadband connectivity offering superior voice and data services on an all-IP network, RJIL will also offer end-to-end solutions that address the entire value chain across various digital services in key domains such as education, healthcare, security, communication, financial services, government-citizen interfaces and entertainment.

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