Red Hat Bags Cloud Solutions Deal From Tata Communications

Red Hat, a leading provider of open source solutions, has bagged a contract from Tata Communications, a global digital infrastructure provider, to improve its IZO Private Cloud service.

By implementing Linux and Kubernetes-based Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat’s massively scalable cloud infrastructure, Tata Communications will be able to offer its enterprise customers a reliable hybrid cloud experience across the globe.

Today, enterprises are adopting private and hybrid cloud strategies to help address the complexity and competitive pressures created by the evolution of new technologies. Tata Communications’ IZO Private Cloud is an integrated cloud platform that allows enterprises to build a hybrid cloud environment with the flexibility to burst to public cloud with enterprise-grade control and security. It is part of Tata Communications’ IZO cloud enablement platform that is underpinned by the company’s global network and partnerships with the world’s biggest cloud companies.

“Today’s organizations are often faced with the complexities of managing a technology environment with data, applications and devices living in multiple clouds. Because of this, they often require high flexibility and increased visibility across their entire cloud and IT infrastructure. By using OpenShift Container Platform on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, organizations like Tata Communications can modernize both their cloud infrastructure and applications in one integrated environment, helping them become more nimble and better respond to customer needs,” said Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager, Red Hat.

Tata Communications has adopted Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform as part of the company’s Container–as-a-Service (CaaS) offering. The addition of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform helps ensure integrated consistency through the solution stack and improved datacenter management efficiency, as both the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and CaaS layers are automated.

This helps Tata Communications reduce time-to-market for new services without sacrificing existing investments. Additionally, the scale and operational efficiency of Red Hat OpenStack Platform helps to improve the customer experience, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform provides a way to accelerate application delivery and DevOps adoption in enterprises through greater control and visibility.

“As enterprises’ dependence of cloud-based applications continues to grow, the stability of the underlying platform becomes crucial. Our collaboration with Red Hat helps us give our customers that extra peace of mind. Furthermore, we’re now in a better position to support DevOps with seamless integration between our Containers-as-a-Service offering and our IZO™ Private Cloud service. We’re committed to harnessing the power of open source technologies to develop enterprise-class cloud services to help accelerate our customers’ digital transformation,” say Srinivasan CR, Chief Digital Officer, Tata Communications.

Red Hat Consulting also worked on the initial deployment and provided Tata Communications with hands-on expert support and training during the migration. Through ongoing collaboration with Red Hat, Tata Communications is bringing an enterprise-class hybrid cloud to market.

This collaboration enables Tata Communications to offer a robust digital core built around cloud design principles that include delivering a unified experience, an API-based open framework and a highly available microservices platform.

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