What Is Qualcomm DIRBS And How It Helps Curb Illegal Smartphones

Qualcomm has now offered its DIRBS platform, a platform that can help countries detect, find and identify stolen, fake or even counterfeit smartphones, as a open source software. The Qualcomm DIRBS or Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System platform can now be freely downloadable from GitHub.

The Qualcomm DIRBS server-based software platform can be used to help identify counterfeit, illegal, and stolen mobile devices in a country. The DIRBS software platform will help regulatory agencies classify devices and generate IMEI-based lists for notification, amnesty, and blocking purposes.

The Qualcomm DIRBS platform has already been deployed in Pakistan. The country’s regulatory authority PTA has notified its citizens to buy devices that are approved by it and the regulator offers a very simple to use platform in its website to check such devices. People can just put the IMEI number in the search box provided in the website and self-check for the authenticity of the devices.

Though the platform has so far been deployed only in Pakistan, Qualcomm says deployments are anticipated in other countries in coming months.

Counterfeit devices are a serious problem from many aspects from national security to data theft to huge revenue loss to both the exchequer as well as the equipment manufacturers. According to a European Union Intellectual Property Office Study genuine manufacturers lose approximately 45.3 billion Euros annually because of such counterfeit and fake devices.

“Sharing the DIRBS solution as freely downloadable open-source software will allow the mobile industry to rapidly implement this powerful technology to help address counterfeiting and related issues around the globe,” said Mohammad Raheel Kamal, Senior Director, IPR Enforcement, Qualcomm.

“Qualcomm is committed to enriching the mobile ecosystem, including assisting regulatory agencies in addressing their needs for security with respect to cellular-enabled devices,” said John Han, senior vice president, Qualcomm Incorporated and general manager, Qualcomm Technology Licensing. “We are excited to share the DIRBS software platform to help enable regulatory agencies to further fight the proliferation of counterfeit, illegal and stolen devices.”

The DIRBS server-based software platform will be hosted on the open-source software website Github, and may be freely downloaded and used by any interested parties.

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