Partner Selects JDSU xSIGHT Solution for 4G

Partner Communications has selected JDSU’s xSIGHT Customer Experience Assurance solution to manage data-hungry services as they evolve from 2G/3G to 4G mobile broadband.

JDSU’s xSIGHT uses patent-pending technology innovation to significantly improve both the cost efficiency and speed of monitoring and troubleshooting advanced mobile services.

Partner chose xSIGHT because it delivers the highest performance and smallest footprint in the industry and cost-effectively scales to manage the increasing traffic volumes and rates driven by 4G services. The xSIGHT portfolio uses an entirely open architecture that enables seamless integration of Partner’s 2G/3G systems with new 4G infrastructure to protect existing investment and accelerate evolution.

The xSIGHT solution optimizes service quality and user experience by delivering key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting in a matter of seconds compared with traditional solutions that can be delayed by as much as 10-15 minutes or more.

This substantial improvement in real-time visibility gives Partner a significant advantage in differentiating real-time premium services, like VoLTE, in a highly competitive and dynamic market.

“The JDSU xSIGHT customer experience assurance solution delivers an innovative approach to assurance that lets us scale with 4G data growth in a cost-effective fashion while protecting our investment in existing 2G/3G systems,” said Eyal Iluz, CTO, Partner Communications.

“xSIGHT improves the speed and efficiency with which we can identify and resolve problems to ensure a differentiated quality of experience for our mobile customers,” said IIuz.

“JDSU values Partner’s innovative approach to exploiting new technologies that will benefit their customers,” said Sue Spradley, senior vice president and general manager of JDSU’s Network and Service Enablement business segment.

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