Oppo Signs Patent License Agreement With Ericsson

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has signed a patent agreement license with Ericsson across smartphone technologies including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. This patent license agreement means Oppo will now get access to thousands of Ericsson’s technologies across these technologies that the Chinese phone maker can put to use for its upcoming smartphones.

Oppo would be continuing with its royalty payment to the Swedish telecom gear maker based on a substantial part of its annual revenue, an Ericsson statement said.

In addition to a cross license, the agreement between OPPO and Ericsson includes business cooperation on a number of projects related to 5G, like device testing, customer engagements and demo at MWC19.

Adler Feng, Head of OPPO Global Intellectual Property Department, says: “We are pleased to enter into a global cross license agreement, including business collaborations, with Ericsson. We look forward to working with Ericsson to drive cutting-edge innovation in products and services.”

Gustav Brismark, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Ericsson, says: “This important deal confirms the value of our patent portfolio and further validates the Ericsson FRAND licensing program. Ericsson has signed more than 100 patent license agreements to date, and we are delighted to sign a mutually beneficial agreement with OPPO.”

Like with Ericsson, Oppo had signed a similar patent license agreement with Nokia in last November.

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