ZTE launches datacenter switches

ZTE, a global provider of telecom equipment, network solutions and mobile devices has announced the release of BigMatrix 9900 series, the world’s largest-capacity datacenter switches.

The BigMatrix 9900 product family, designed for large cloud computing and big data scenarios is useful for high-density deployment in datacenters. Each single slot can support up to 144 10G ports, or 36 40G ports, or 12 100G ports.

The Big Matrix 9900 series comprises of four models, 9916, 9912, 9908, and 9904, with each unit supporting maximum switching capacity of 84.48T. Big Matrix 9900 meets the oriented service architecture (OSA) standards.

For Big Data, BigMatrix 9900 provides customers the capability to extract non-structurized and non-relevant data from existing databases. BigMatrix 9900 also adopts modular system design, and can be used to build a super-resilient non-blocking bi-directional forwarding platform with the switching capacity of 1.4P (1,440T) in Fat-Tree mode.

BigMatrix 9900, packed with cloud computing data center features, can implement virtual clusters of four devices and is capable of supporting eight-device virtualization multiplexing. It completely conforms to cloud resource pool requirements, supports TRILL L2 multi-pathing and meets L2 networking needs in existing datacenters.

With the FCoE and DCB protocol suite family, the BigMatrix 9900 can meet the needs of data centers in a “three- in one” system for storage, computing and management.

“Supporting smooth upgrade to 200T super large capacity, the BigMatrix 9900 helps protect customer investment and satisfies future service needs simultaneously,” said  ZTE Senior Vice President Xu Ming.

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