Zain Bahrain opts for $100 million network upgrade

Zain Bahrain has opted for $100 million network upgrade with the support of Ericsson.

The upgrade will offer customers stronger coverage, greater speeds and remarakably better experience for the growing smartphones, data, and broadband customers.

The network transformation, which began in April 2013, is expected to give Zain Bahrain, a state-of-the-art technology advantage, turning the mobile operator into one of the most technically advanced in the world and making available a whole new realm of exciting high-speed digital content capabilities to its customers.

The rollout will commence with the installation of a new and updated Network that will enable Zain Bahrain to efficiently manage delivery of high-quality innovative services to a rapidly growing customer base. It is part of Zain Bahrain’s network modernization programme which includes the provision of 4G LTE technology and systems integration services.

Zain Bahrain stressed that the world of telecom technology and services has gone through a huge transition and is fast evolving to all-IP data-centric technologies. Zain Bahrain has effectively serviced its growing client-base to meet the pervasive demand for cutting-edge data technologies and service innovations and has invested in a world class IP-based network.

Zain Bahrain aims to provide the best end-to-end customer experience and the upgrade plays a key role in ensuring that our customers enjoy the best network coverage and access to all the voice and data services at all times.

Zain Bahrain entered the Kingdom’s telecoms market in 2003 as the second mobile operator and as on 30th June 2013, serves 748,000 customers, reflecting a 36 percent year-on-year growth. The operator has earned a reputation of implementing innovative business practices and providing customers cutting-edge technologies, putting Bahrain on the global telecommunications map with a string of firsts – the first country with nationwide 3G, then 3.5G and WiMAX coverage.

In April 2013, the operator launched hi-speed 4G LTE services that will be gradually rolled out nationwide to homes, offices and on the mobile network.

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