Zain Bahrain and Infosys co-create Zain Self-Care

Zain Bahrain and Infosys have co-created Zain Self-Care, an application that is radically transforming user experience for Zain’s subscribers, through self-service.

Zain Self-Care is an innovative mobile application for smartphones and tablets that is built using Infosys AssistEdge, a product that transforms customer experience across channels. The application functions on all operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Zain Self-Care is a first-of-its-kind mobile telecom application from an operator in Bahrain. It currently enjoys wide-spread adoption across the company’s customer base and offers Zain’s subscribers unparalleled convenience in managing their telecom service needs.

Upendra Kohli, vice president, Regional Head-South East Asia, Middle East & Africa, Infosys said, “The Zain Self-Care application, built using Infosys AssistEdge, is helping Zain expand its range of offerings and improve user experience. We will continue to bring our deep understanding of the global telecommunications industry and technology to enable Zain to meet the changing needs of its subscribers.”

The intuitive interface of Zain Self-Care allows customers to access their account information, subscribe to new services and make use of a range of value-added and self-help services.

Mohammed Zainalabedin, general manager, Zain Bahrain said, “We chose Infosys as our partner since they have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the evolving needs of our customers. We value their ability to provide a solution which addresses our needs around scalability and speed, with an eye on the future.”

Zain Self-Care allows users to view, control and manage their voice and data packages. Users can also receive personalized news updates, purchase value-added services, and make bill payments in a secure environment. The interactive features of Zain Self-Care  allow  customers to better understand their usage patterns and manage their accounts and spends It is available on all popular mobile platforms and can be downloaded from app stores.

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