Yoigo achieves 4 mn subscriber

TeliaSonera’s subsidiary Yoigo, the fourth largest mobile network operator in Spain has reached 4 million subscribers.

Yoigo was launched in December 2006 and became cash flow positive in 2012. At year end 2013 Yoigo reached 3,889,000 subscribers, a 5 percent increase on year end 2012. In a challenging economic climate Yoigo also surpassed the thousand million euro sales mark, billing 1.095 million euros, an increase of 12 percent compared to 2012.

In April 2013 TeliaSonera announced that it would continue to develop the company. “Yoigo has challenged the large players in the Spanish market and has established its brand well. It has great potential for further development,” said Johan Dennelind, president and CEO, TeliaSonera.

TeliaSonera has launched 4G LTE roaming for high-speed mobile surfing. The launch of 4G roaming in Spain now enables for example mobile surfing on-the-go for the best tapas hang-outs nearby as well as possibility to share your holiday photos with family and friends on social media with high quality and speed. The high-speed mobile surfing also facilitates for business travellers, wanting to use the same functionalities as at home during their business trip.

“TeliaSonera is launching 4G roaming on the Spanish market to Swedish and Norwegian customers, enabling our customers to continue use a high-speed mobile surf also on their vacation,” says Allan Kock, director, RAN Development, TeliaSonera.

TeliaSonera is also among the first in the world to launch 4G roaming, which makes it possible to continue the usage of 4G when surfing on mobile phones and tablets, also when being abroad.

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