Xiaomishop.com Shuts Down Portal Post Xiaomi Legal Threat


Xiaomishop.com, a portal selling smartphones and other products of Xiaomi without the latter’s permission has apparently pulled down its online presence after the Chinese smartphone player threatened it with legal consequences.

“We intend to take legal action against Xiaomishop.com,” Xiaomi last week said this in a statement.

The portal was working as usual till that day, which, now is ‘under maintenance.’

However, the site can still be accessed using a proxy browser.

Ericsson last week had accused the smartphone maker of selling its banned devices through this portal in India. The smartphone maker, however, had vehemently refuted this allegation.

“We have also come to know that Ericsson has alleged that Xiaomi is selling non Qualcomm devices through a website www.xiaomishop.com,” the statement added.

“We would like to clarify that sales by Xiaomishop.com are entirely without authorization from us, and has no affiliation with us in any way. It is owned and operated by a third party and is not an authorised seller of Xiaomi devices in India or any other part of the world. It is infringing our trademarks, and we have previously requested for them to stop selling our products,” the statement added.

On 5 February, Ericsson had alleged that the smartphone player is violating court orders and selling non-Qualcomm based phones in India.

“We understand that Xiaomi phones, using Mediatek chipsets have been imported and sold in India, despite the courts earlier injunction order,” Ericsson had stated in the court.

On December 16, the Delhi high Court had asked the Chinese firm not to import or sell phones which are not using Qualcomm chipsets. The case pertains to a patent infringement allegation by Ericsson on the Chinese firm.

Xiaomi, however refuted the allegation that the company is selling Mediatek based smartphones in the country. Over this, Ericsson has appealed before the court to investigate the matter in its own capacity independently.




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