Like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Starts ‘Unsend’ Messages Feature

Starting today you can remove your messages from Facebook Messenger if you wish so. If you realise you sent an unwanted message, or some messages accidentally or if you feel it would have been better if you hadn’t sent that message, Facebook now gives you the option to recall that message, the company announced today.

“Starting today, we are launching a feature where you can easily remove your message on Messenger – whether it’s to one person or a group,” the company said.

The announcement says, you have, however, just 10 minutes time to take your call. You can recall or remove that message from Facebook Messenger within 10 minutes of its post. You can opt for ‘Remove for Everyone’ if you wish to remove the message from the conversation so that no one sees this again. For this you just got 10 minutes time.


However, the removed message will be replaced by text alerting everyone in the conversation the message was removed.

There is, however, no time limit if you just want to delete your own messages from your account. You can opt for ‘Remove for you’ and you are done, the announcement added.

This option is already there with WhatsApp, another Facebook owned company, and the world’s largest messaging application by number of users.

Facebook today introduced this feature after it was reported by TechCrunch in April last year that founder Mark Zuckerberg could delete his messages from Facebook Messenger. When this was flagged, Zuckerberg had reportedly promised not to use that feature until it was available to public.

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