What Samsung says about the SC order asking its chairman to surrender?

India’s apex court has asked Samsung Chairman Lee kun-hee to surrender before a local court in Ghaziabad. Lee is being trialed in a $1.4 million cheating case in India. One JCE Consultancy had filed a case of cheating against Samsung and its chairman in 2002. An non bailable arrest warrant had been issued against Samsung Chairman in 2013 where as Lee has appealed against it seeking the court to quash the FIR and subsequent warrant.


Samsung Chairman Lee kun-hee

But this is what Samsung India has given as a clarification to Indian media. We bring  you the verbatim of Samsung’s statement

With respect to the March 31, 2014 Order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, we would clarify as follows.

 This case is related to a multi-million dollar fraud scheme perpetrated against a Samsung subsidiary in Dubai, Samsung Gulf Electronics.

The perpetrators of the fraud were convicted years ago in Dubai to 2 years in prison, but having illegally fled justice, are now wanted by the Government of the UAE.

Samsung Gulf Electronics is a victim of this fraud scheme.

 Despite this, a private criminal complaint was filed by a party in India claiming to have received a bill-of-exchange used in this fraud. Chairman Lee has no relation to this case whatsoever.

 There are no grounds, let alone evidence, to support the accusation against Chairman Lee. Chairman Lee is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the many overseas subsidiaries of Samsung.

 We are confident that the Indian Courts will recognize the innocence of Chairman Lee and deliver justice.”

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