Vodafone to invest £6 billion in Project Spring

Vodafone plans to utilize Verizon stake sale amount for creating attractive growth opportunities for Vodafone in mobile and unified communications services.

The transition to 4G and unified communications makes this the right time in the evolution of the sector for Vodafone to pursue further development and differentiation. Vodafone is executing its Vodafone 2015 strategy to address these opportunities, and now plans to make significant additional organic investments to enhance further its competitive positioning, leading data networks and compelling branded customer experience over the next few years.

As a result, Vodafone will implement a programme of additional organic investment, named Project Spring, amounting to a total operating free cash flow investment of £6 billion over the next three financial years.

Investment areas include:

1. Accelerated 4G network build, covering 90 percent of five main European markets by 2017, supported by single RAN and high capacity backhaul

2. Deeper 3G coverage and capacity in mature markets

3. Unified communications will focus on extended fibre roll-out, as well as widened NGN and VDSL resale reach

4. Upgraded distribution presence, both online and retail

5. Additional 3G voice and data coverage in emerging markets

6. Enhanced Enterprise service portfolio, including IP-VPN, Cloud, Hosting and M2M

7. Faster deployment of mobile payment services

8. Development of new and standardised systems to improve customer experience and simplify Vodafone’s operations.

Vodafone will provide more detail on Project Spring in its interim results presentation in November 2013.



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