Vodafone provides Insta Network for Odisha cyclone Phailin

Vodafone India has installed Insta Network for Orissa cyclone Phailin.

The company has deployed Insta Network in Chhatrapur’s Ganjam district where the sites were down since 12th October, 2013 afternoon.

Insta Network is an instant and portable site and can be installed by using 4 batteries of 12 Volt each and can be run by 5 KVA petrol genset and is like a network in a box and has Flexi Multiradio 10 base station. It takes small space of (2x3m), higher configuration (4-4-4) and tripod based antenna which helps avoid requirement of towers. In terms of coverage it has a range of 3-4 km area and covers complete relief camp and surrounding area.

Vodafone India has initiated several measures to support the relief and rehabilitation work being done by the central and state Governments in regions of Odisha ravaged by cyclone Phailin, in order to provide assistance to affected people. The cyclone prompted India’s biggest evacuation in 23 years with more than 900,000 people moved up from the coastline in Odisha to safer places.

Further, as part of its disaster relief efforts, Vodafone has undertaken the following initiatives: Installed multi-plug sockets at the sites of all affected areas so that people can charge their phones easily; arranged for coverage supported by 5 mobile vans, each with a minimum of 50 charging sockets; made Chota credit service available to all its customers, who can take credit by dialing *130 # and can transfer balance to their friends and relatives; Provided information to customers on our call centre on 111 about district wise shelters home or government disaster management helpline etc; and ensuring that existing sites at Gopalpur and Paradip were also made operational.

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